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Gorilla Glue #4 – Greenstar Grows x fLVR TWN

By far the best Gorilla Glue I’ve had the chance to try. Very pungent flowers with a chunky nug structure that impresses right off the bat. There’s a nice mixture of light and dark greens that hide behind a thick and milky trichome layer. The heads are fully matured and largely intact which is always […]

Tropicana Cookies – Greenstar Grows x fLVR TWN

This flower has a beautiful bag appeal with extremely deep and rich purples accented by dark orange pistils and glistening, fully developed trichome heads. The aroma from the jar isn’t extremely impressive, but once broken up there’s a complex mix of sweet oranges and earthy/herbal dough. It also has a slight creamy undertone that really […]

Gorilla Glue #4 Diamonds – Greenstar Grows x fLVR TWN

These diamond formations are a bit on the smaller side but they’re still nice and chunky and lathered in terps. The bright gold colour along with the clarity in the translucent diamonds gives an amazing visual appeal. The aroma is extremely strong and pungent, there’s a dank and gassy slap to the face which is […]

Tropicana Cookies Diamonds – Greenstar Grows x fLVR TWN

These are definitely the nicest and most chunky diamond formations I have come across. As you can see these big crystal boulders are also bathing in a deep terp pool. The seperation is beautiful to look at and the ratio of diamonds to sauce is just perfect for allowing one to customize each dab. The […]

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