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Pink Maiden Oj Shatter Infused Blunt-Tfcannabis

First time trying one of these shatter blunts. Looks great at first sight. Tight and well rolled in what i think is a palm paper/blunt. When dry puffed i get strong sweet gas. Amazing taste and very potent im getting that in your face diesel gas but some sweetness in the background. Very smooth resinous […]

Pre-rolls 3 Strains-Pacificcanny

All came in nice little dube tubes, perfect for travel and on the go! All seem well rolled!(nice and tight) 1.Meatbreath x purple punch-Not much smell when taking out package but when dry puffed I tasted a little musky..taste is pretty harsh probably because joint is slight dryer but I definitely get some earthy grape.Taste […]

Pre Rolls – Pineapple and Blackberry Cream – Swift Green

Pre Rolls Pineapple and Blackberry Cream from Swift Green Visual: Each container held five .75g joints for a total of 3.75g. They came in a pot top container with a humidity pack inside. Nose/Taste: The nose was on the Pineapple was a sweet citrus and the Blackberry Cream was an earthy berry. The taste was lighter on […]

Duke Nukem Kief- CAMMP

Not something I enjoy often but since I had recently smoked their Duke Nukem flower this interested me. The Kief itself appeared very fresh as it was clumped together and sticky; rolling into small balls the more you agitated it. There was also no plant material visible at all which is a first for me […]


Color is true to the name very blondish brown. Slight gassy smell but very muted. Texture is dry and beach sand like. Very easy to work with. Taste is gas with some citrus. Decent potency. Definitely got me high and relaxed. Great for topping a bowl it coating a joint rolled thru. Alot better then […]

Blackberry Kush Kief – Shades of Green

Finely ground mixture of plant material and trichomes blended together, nice moisture level with a minimal amount of stem material. Subtle but noticeable sweet berry terps when slightly agitated. Smoked on it’s own in a bong it burned white and smooth with no harshness while still retaining the sweet berry flavoring. A calming, spacey type […]

Canadian Moon Rocks – Melon Candy – Clean Green VIP

Canadian Moon Rocks – Melon Candy from Clean Green VIP Visual: Very cool looking rocks! Like they are from outer space! They were a bit darker than the Cinnamon Toast Crunch Moon Rocks and it had a bit more of a green tinge to them whereas the Cinnamon Toast Crunch Moon Rocks had more of a […]

Fire Shake – Black Glove

Fire Shake from Black Glove This Fire Shake had a pungent nose to it. It had a lot of different profiles like piney and earthy and musky and a bit of citrus. It tastes a bit like shake but there was a bit of a buzz to it. It would be good for making edibles. […]

Peanut Butter Breath Shake – Happy Clouds

Visually it was quite nice for shake. There were some popcorn bugs and there was a good amount of sugar leaves as well. Overall I was very impressed. It had a decent nose and it smoked not bad either. The potency was higher than I expected as there was a good little buzz with it.

Fire Shake- BlackGlove TO

This would be the first time I’ve reviewed shake before so bear with me. . The product had a fair amount of sugar leaf with some miniature buds (smaller than popcorn) but there were also a small number of stems found throughout the half. Fresh feeling the green and light purple shake had a decent […]

Fire Shake – Blackglove TO

Some small buds mixed together with clumps of kief, a small amount of stems and leafs, nicely frosted. Unique terps coming from the blend but it’s mostly a peppered citrus with a bit of earthiness and pine. For the purpose of this review I smoked a bowl, no harshness, salt and pepper ash, and the […]

Hybrid Preroll- Get Ganja Online

Arrived in a plastic doob tube which helped to keep the pre-roll in perfect condition. Smoked well with a near white ash, slow even burn and decent oil ring below the ember. I initially found it a bit difficult to get a solid toke from the jay as it was a bit tight but after […]

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