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Death Bubba HTFSE Caviar – Ganjawest

This jar of Death Bubba caviar has a beautiful, piney, gassy kush smell to it. To me these terpenes carry over well to the flavor, which also has the gassy kush characteristics. The smoke is incredibly smooth and burns really clean in my banger. The caviar has a nice and wet texture to it, making […]

Red Congo- BuyBCBud

I have heard a lot of discussion regarding this strain and was glad to be able to test out the hype. I can say it did not disappoint with unmistakable Sativa characteristics. The buds were moderately dense, round and light green with long winding burnt orange pistils speckled throughout. Thin but plentiful amounts of milky […]

Blue Widow – MMJExpress

MMJExpress’ Blue Widow consists of medium density caked buds. Underneath the trichomes is a dark green and purple bud with average trim. It’s aroma is strong, sweet with a tangy pine aspect I really appreciate. Smoked in a joint this Blue Widow provides great flavour. A very sweet and tangy pine flavour. Highly enoyable taste, […]

Crescendo – Sloth’s Supplies

Sloth’s Crescendo are big, frosty buds full of foxtails. It has a unique smell. Earthy, diesely, and rich. Overall the smell is somewhere between fried chicken and coffee. The buds do have a fair amount of brown outer leaves. This is an enjoyable smoke. The diesel tang becomes the most present flavour when smoked, alongside […]

Laughing Buddha Shatter – Ganjawest

This Laughing Buddha shatter from Ganjawest had a strong floral, and citrus smell right out of the packet. I Really enjoyed the terpenes a lot. To me the taste was like creamy, spicy citrus, with herbal notes. Very smooth on the inhale as well. The texture appeared to be pull and snap that had buttered […]

Bluefin Tuna – WTF Cannabis

Another beautiful smelling and visually appealing offering from WTF Cannabis. The bag came with some nice medium to large sized nugs that were dense, and frosted with trichomes. To me the buds smelled like sweet piney kush, with berry notes. Overall the smoke was pretty terpy, and flavorful, despite the fact the ash burned a […]

Strawberry Shortcake- CAMMP

A hybrid crossed between the Juilet and Strawberry Diesel strains; which supply the genetic makeup of these trichome carpeted foxtail nugs. Bright greens provide an ideal background to highlight a bounty of thick, short and twisted bright orange pistils. Great terpene profile with berry and vanilla notes followed by undertones of diesel. Taste was heavy […]

High School Sweetheart – Hoot Supply

Very large, chunky, dense buds with minimal purple and green sugar leaves and light orange pistils. Neatly manicured with a nice frosting of trichomes. Earthy-gas terpenes to smell with a small amount of fruitiness coming through at the end. Salt and pepper ash with the same earthy gas flavor on exhale, you do get some […]

Pink Yoda – Pink Llama – Sacred Gardens

Did something a little different this time around, I figured to give this flower it’s best chance at scoring that I would just give it the star rating prior to writing out this written review, in the end it will make sense….. bear with me here.   On the good ol’ Instagram feed from Sacred […]

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