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Gelato 45- Ezweedonline

Extremely dark purple backgrounds with some streaks of forest greens helped to set the scene for the thick fiery orange pistils to really pop on these buds. Really dense with an obvious hand trim; the stout based buds taper off into thin tipped ends. Copious amount of resin sugar the bud’s exterior, with an abundant […]

Vancity Death-Ezweedonline

Buds arrived with yet another perfect cure. The dark forest green backgrounds were speckled with miniature yet numerous deep purple spots on the tips of the calyx and sugar leaves. The exterior of the bud was encrusted with short thin trichomes with clear and milky heads. This made the bud feel hard yet  not brittle […]

Double Tangie Banana- Ezweedonline (Mr. Nice)

Double Tangie Banana is as a cross of Tangie x Banana Sherbert. The smell is the absolute highlight as my nose was hammered by sharp and distinct citrus typical with Tangie strains. This smell, however, was elevated further by sweet and creamy notes I could equate to vanilla ice-cream. At first glance, the stocky and […]

Lemon Merigue- Ezweedonline

The bud had a spherical yet irregular bud structure with jagged portions of the nug shooting out in various directions from the center. Dominated by a near fluorescent green backgrounds with sugar leaves touched with yellow tips. The bud also possessed excessive trichome coverage which made it sparkle in the right light; with easy to […]

Sundae Driver-Ezweedonline (Pacificanna)

The fluffy Christmas tree looking buds appear whitewashed green due to the generous frosty coating of resin. As you look closer the densely packed trichomes are a mix of clear, cloudy and amber heads. As I broke down the hand trimmed nugs you notice the overwhelming density, despite their fluffy appearance. Sundae Driver is a […]

Big Cat Kush- EZweedonline

Fat, dense, perfectly trimmed bud with a inviting combination of light minty green backgrounds with some dark forest green to light purple streaked sugar leaves. The entire nug was caked with a thick layer of trichomes; a large portion of which were untouched. With this coating of resin, the thin faded orange pistils almost blended […]

SpaceBerries Diamonds- Ezweedonline

One…Massive…Diamond. That’s the first and only thing you see upon opening the jar. (Or it would have been if I didn’t break it apart as I messed with the jar early on…..)  The clear and translucent “rocks” had rough and jagged edges which reflected and refracted the light as I photographed it. Pretty stunning to […]

Silver Surfer- Ezweedonline

Buds were uber tight and bulbous with every tight cranny filled with sugary looking resin, with a good amount of sprawling rusty orange pistils. To the touch, the buds were dense yet spongy with a decent trim leaving behind a minimal amount of sugar leaves. Smell was fantastic and reminiscent of its blue dream roots […]

Pink Death- Ezweedonline (Quad City BC)

Perfectly trimmed chunky almost cylindrical shaped nugs made a perfect canvas for a medley of deep purples, dark forest to light mossy greens and short dark orange pistils. The buds had an immaculate cure and trim and such a stunning bag appeal which was only elevated further by a healthy coating of sugary resin.  As […]

Three Queens – Ezweedonline

Very pretty buds with a nice trichome coat of mostly clear and cloudy heads contrasting with very dark greens and purples. There is an extremely strong gas and herbal aroma with some minor sweetness. Unfortunately this doesn’t translate into a very nice flavour with a mostly earthy aftertaste. The smoke is also pretty harsh but […]

Wedding Crasher – Ezweedonline

Extremely dense nugs with a gorgeously vibrant colour palette boasting bright greens and purples coated with a pretty dense white trichome layer. The aroma is a bit muted with a sweet and gassy scent. I found some mold which is probably why the smell isn’t very strong. Extremely disappointed to find mold in “AAAA+” flower. […]

Blue Gelato – Ezweedonline

Extremely dense dark green nugs with a decent coating of trichomes and mostly intact heads. There is an incredible blueberry pine aroma with strong herbal undertones. This translates into a very nice sweet/fruity and herbal flavor. The burn is slow and even with mostly white ash and an extremely smooth smoke. The high is strong […]

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