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Zombie Kush by Green Hornet Buds (Enigma Extracts)

Zombie Kush is my #1 favorite Enigma cart, so when I saw it in flower form I had to grab it to compare. I present to you my Holiday joint! When I open the zip, a strong aroma of ripe fruity cannabis fills the air. I want to stick my head in the bag. I […]

Sherb Breath by Enigma Extracts (Green Hornet)

The Sherb Breath flower by Enigma Extracts and sourced by Green Hornet Buds is the first flower I tried by one of my all-time favorite cart producers. The flowers are soft and sticky to touch and full of multiple shades of green with orange hairs and tints of purples peaking through the buds. Upon opening […]

Fruit Loops- Pink Llama (Enigma Extracts)

The buds arrived as decently trimmed medium sized long spear shaped buds with an array of bright colours. The vibrant green backgrounds, patches of light purple and copious bright orange pistils crawling towards the tips of the buds; gave this strain a wild looking appearance. The exterior of the buds also looked sugary due to […]

Skywalker OG- Pink Llama (Enigma Extracts)

Medium extremely dense buds with forest green and dark purple backgrounds plus vibrant green sugarleaves providing a nice contrast. Had a greasy sheen provided by the obvious and extensive resin coverage. As you look a bit closer the trichomes have short clear and cloudy stalks with the heads piled on top of one another. The […]

Strawberry Banana- Pink Llama (Enigma Extracts)

Medium sized and medium density buds with bright vibrant green backgrounds, dark green sugarleaves and fiery orange pistils. Another characteristic that was great was how sticky the buds were when busting them up. The buds were the definition of caked with milky trichome stalks giving the buds an obvious caked appearance. A closer look revealed […]

Gorilla Glue Bomb- Pink Llamma

Faded green backgrounds with a thick layer of milky white resin; alongside long and tapered medium sized buds.  The manicure on the buds were also near perfect with minimal sugar leaves present. Thin light orange pistils provided some contrast but in general the entire bud looked whitewashed by the resin coverage. Numerous thin stalks with […]

Dosi Killer * Bburrr * October

Strain – Dosi Killer (Dos-Si-Dos x NBK x Sunset Sherbert) Jungle Boys cut by Enigma Extracts Smell – digging the enigma strains lately and in find them having some pretty unique noses, this one was no different. This stuff has a diesel mixed with a woody, earth & nutty scent combined all in one Smoke […]

Donkey Butter * Pacific Grass * October

Strain – Donkey Butter (Grease Monkey x Triple OG) by Enigms Extracts Smell – to go along with the name  found this to be a very unique smell that I could pick up a few different notes of a piney diesel with a nutty and cream scent to it Smoke – inhale was really smooth […]

Trunk Funk * Pacific Grass * October

Strain – Trunk Funk (White Tahoe Cookies x Do-Si-Dos) by Enigma Extracts Smell – ripping open the package I couldn’t wait to smell what this eye candy had for a nose on it. Very danky terpenes with immediate gassy diesel first hitting the nose, it also carried hints of sweet lemon Smoke – the taste […]

Strawberries and Cream * Pacific Grass * October

Strain – Strawberries & Cream (Strawberry Cough x The White) by Enigms Extracts Smell – I couldn’t wait to crack the bag open and take a smell, delicious fruity strawberry herbal nose. This strain not surprisingly had some nice dank terpenes Smoke – it has quite the pleasant smooth strawberry earth flavoring on the inhale […]

Pine Tar(Enigma) – Pink Llama

Hand trimmed, glazed over amber and white trichs, slight fox tailing with a very small amount of sugar leaves and vibrant orange pistils. The prettiest version i’ve personally had of Enigma’s Pine Tar. Sweet earthy terps with a small amount of peppered citrus hiding in there as well. White ash with a very smooth earthy […]

Divine Gelato(Enigma) – Pink Llama

Frosted well over in amber trichs, neatly trimmed, dense, very small amount of purple and green sugar leaves and very short pistils. Very unique terps almost like a lemony lavender at first that shifts towards a doughy citrus when busted up. White ash with a nice blend of lemon/citrus and a desserty type flavor when […]

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