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OG Shark Cake (Enigma Extracts)

The OG Shark Cake Cartridge from Enigma Extracts is one of the most potent carts I have tried. I use the Uni-Pro at 2.4v and taste Citrus and nice pepper after taste. This Hybrid is perfect for the evening time and I highly recommend it. This and Live banana sundae are the heaviest hitting carts […]

MKU(Enigma) – Pink Llama

Neatly trimmed buds, glazed over with a combination amber and cloudy dense trichomes. Vivid orange pistils and a very small amount of glazed sugar leaves. Spicy earthy gas terps but at the same time there’s a noticeable sweetness as well. White ash with at first a sweet gas flavor that shifts to a spicy earthy […]

Island Pink(Enigma) – Pink Llama

Chunky, glazed, dense buds. Neatly trimmed with thick full ambering and white trichomes and very healthy, vivid orange pistils. Very small amount of sugar leaves. Sweet earthy gas terps with a small amount of peppered vanilla. White ash with the flavor shifting to a more spicy earthy flavor as time goes on. Very spacey euphoric […]

Punch Breath Cart by Enigma Extracts

The 🤜 Punch Breath cart by Enigma Extracts is my favorite of the new strains. I recently got stuck in a room for quite some time with only this one cart as a companion. In case you didn’t know, I tend to switch my carts up on a regular basis, so this was quite the […]

MAC #4(Enigma) – Pink Llama

Light amber in color, zero sugaring, freely flowing around in the cart outdoors, any air bubbles from shipping quickly raised to the top. No leaks. Very smooth, creamy, earthy citrus terps, with the flavor being as close to the source material as you can get. Very easy to get a nice haul with no clogging […]

Live Banana Sundae – Pink Llama – Enigma Extracts

This was my first Enigma cart ever and I was skeptical at first about it, but after you take that first hit from this cart I could immediately feel the effects. It’s a very nice hybrid leaving me feeling good but energetic enough to want to go to work. The taste of the cart is […]

MacStar (Enigma Extracts) – Pacific Grass

The MacStar FSE cartridge from Enigma Extracts is full of citrus flavour. After the first few pulls I feel relaxed and immediately enjoy this heavy hitter. Im using the Yocan Uni-Pro at 2.4v. It has an earthy taste which goes great with the citrus. I highly recommend this cart for the evenings for ultimate relaxation […]

Frozen Gelato (Enigma Extracts) – Pink Llama

The Frozen Gelato FSE cart from enigma has a real Peach taste off the start. I use 2.4V on the Yocan Uni-Pro and get great taste and flavour. This Hybrid is strong but I find I’m able to get loads done during the day with this cart. I find this funky one to be perfect […]

Live Banana Sundae (Enigma Extracts) – Pink Llama

My absolute favourite cart is Live Banana Sundae from Enigma Extracts. I set the Uni-Pro at 2.4v for great taste and this hybrid is perfect for anytime of day. I find the terps on this cart to be next level as im a huge fan of Banana OG. A few pulls and I get wrecked […]

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