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Sour Cherries * Gold Dreams * February

Brand – Sour Cherries Flavor – the candies that we all grew up loving are enhanced to be fairly similar looking and tasting but with much more positive results than a sugar buzz. They taste like cherry blasters, leaving a slight film left on the teeth and a minor lingering aftertaste but nothing terrible and […]

Red Velvet Brownies-Dreamy Delite

Excellent and delishious looking product at first glance. Totally remind you of those two bite brownies we’ve all grown with. Brownies look well made and well kept(weren’t crushed or out of shape) love the white chocolate touch make them look great and adds a nice flavor. Smell is very cake like and inviting. I really […]

Gummy Bears * Bud Paradise * February

Brand – Gummy Bears by Cannabuzz Flavor – a tasty blend of peach mixed with mango make for a tasty combo packed into each one of these. The dose being of higher proportions for each little bear, one would assume the taste would be effected, this was not the case at all. Delicious and potent […]

Cannabuzz Gummy Bears *Bud Paradise * February

Brand – Gummy Bears by Cannabuzz Flavor – the pack has them labelled as Kiwi Strawberry and I would say that is pretty much spot on with the flavor of these. Super delicious tasting, no unwanted post lingering flavor after finishing each one off. Made with distillate which I find they are pretty much giving […]

Strawberry Lemonade Koolaid(Chef’s Treats) – Golden Unicorn

The contents of the package appear to be a combination of fine flavor crystals and sugar as you would see in any other pre mixed juice package. The smell out of the bag is the same as you would get out of a package of Koolaid with the Strawberry Lemonade smell being very definable. The […]

D9 Cherry Lego(Chef’s Treats) – Golden Unicorn

Served in a single piece gelatin lego gummy, with a softer texture then I had anticipated. The raised leggo pieces make selecting a smaller dosage easy if decided to do so. The taste at first is identical to a cherry flavored jolly rancher or similar candy but there is an accompanied disty taste that comes […]

Herbivores Edibles Candy * Yeti Cannabis * February

Brand – Candy Variety Pack by Herbivores Edibles Flavor – these have a vast array of different candy flavors featuring a lot of the childhood favorites. There’s the Sour Key which was fairly accurate tasting to the candy but at the same time it was probably the worst tasting of the variety. The fruits were […]

Peach Sour Drops * Yeti Cannabis * February

Brand – Peach Sour Drops by Golden Monkey Extracts Flavor – the peach flavor that we have all grown to love from the five cent candies back in the day. Very accurately portrayed to the little peach sliced flavoring, slight aftertaste but nothing over the top and a tiny layer of film leftover on the […]

Super Strength Gummy Bear * First Class Medicinal * February

Brand – Choice Edibles – Super Strength Gummy Bear Flavor – the flavor on this was labelled as tropical and it definitely carried a taste of a tropical blend. The taste reminds me of the classic beverage(s) Hawaiin Punch or Tahiti Treat. With a blend up of different fruity flavors, make this a very tasty […]

400mg Baked Brownies-Dreamy Delite

Baked Brownies Company: Dreamy Delite First off let’s start with packaging! Top notch imo! mylar bag, heat sealed and great graphics and very informative.🥳 Brownies looked delicious almost identical to the 2 bite brownies we all grew up with and smelled amazing! Slightly dry but after following the instructions to heat in microwave for 30 […]

Baked Brownies * Dreamy Delite * January

Brand – Baked Brownies Flavor – these were identical tasting to the one bite brownies we’ve all had at one point or another. With the chocolate brownie taste accurately portrayed in each one of these, not even a slight lingering weed aftertaste. Perfectly flavored adult brownies Potency – these bad betty’s come to the scale […]

Cereal Medbar – Dreamy Delite * January

Brand – Cereal Medbar – Leprechaun Charms Flavor – this bar has a few flavors flowing through it, but it definitely reminds me of a jacked up rice crispy bar. Featuring Lucky Charms, this bar is compiled from the cereal itself including the colorful marshmellow shapes. Between the marshmallows from the cereal and the ones […]

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