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Sour Neon Worms * Hush Cannabis * August

Brand – Sour Neon Worms by Kootenay Candy Visual/Texture – each package comes with ten wiggly worms inside, colored up identical to the classic candy worms that we’ve all got are hands on at one point or another. Evenly distributed coloring on an assortment of three different flavors, easily distinguishable, and a light brushing of […]

Hush Gummies * Hush Cannabis * August

Brand –  Hush Gummies – Variety Pack Visual/Texture – with a quick glance, it would appear there’s only three different colors, until further inspection reveals the minor difference between hues. Soft chewable little cubes, virtually the same size, and shaped formations. When opening the pack, you are blasted by a fruit punch blend, a scented […]

Beyond Edible Gummies- The Dope Dispensary

Both arrived in seperate mylar bags having 5 candies dosed at 20 mg each for a total of 100mg in each bag. The candies were all seperate without any sticky or wet consistency on the exterior. Candies are obviously sprayed or have distillate added to the exterior as you can see the darker stain on […]

Sour Worms 100mg Each

Nice look gummies at first sight.. Definitely reminds me of every candy worm I’ve had growing up but nicer!!! Well made with a slight amount of moisture in bag but zero stickiness and smell is very welcoming! Taste is awesome with a little herb flavor sitting in your palate. Really nice subtle sour with a burst […]

Strawberry Kiwi – Atomic Wheelchair * Bud Cargo * July

Brand – Strawberry Kiwi by Atomic Wheelchair Visual/Texture – visually quite appealing, this giagantic bottle cap shaped, bright apple red colored, round shaped gummy. A bit smaller than the palm of my hand, with 8 evenly divided groove lines, and printed with the wheelchair icon right in the middle. Super soft and fresh with a […]

Bones – @bigbossrsvp

300mg for each bones. Neat looking packaging with the grimmy retro comic look. First time i actually just phase trough, ate the first one without thinking and forgot to take pics haha. It had a soft and not too sticky texture, fruity flavor with a noticeable aftertaste. Kind of normal with 300mg of distillate spread […]

Pina Colada Bears – @cannabuzzofficial

Always the same pleasant texture soft chewy jello like with a super accurate flavor. A creamy coconut with the sweet and sour pineapple its really tasty. Perfect for newer edibles users or to complement a bigger dose haha. Easy to gauge the ammount also with them being 10mg each. Perfect little refreshing snacks not too […]

Peach and mango gunmy bear – @cannabuzzofficial

It smells litteraly just like a white Mr.Freeze. Its tasty sweet and refreshing like all the flavors i tried it taste really good. Probably my favorite with the kiwi/ strawberry and citrus bliss. 🤓 Same soft jelloish texture that doesnt stick to the teeths. Again for the effect i use a combination of q couple […]

Trippy Treats – Love Edition * Kushstation * June

Brand – Trippy Treats – Love Edition by Cannamo Canada Visual/Texture – these little beauties captivating my heart right off the hop. Tiny little hearts with a transparent red, and orange respectively. To my surprise, I had received an extra little red bear inside my pack, ended up being notched up to a win, with […]

Jumbo Bear – @cannabuzzofficial

Just like the smaller version but heavier and stronger with a little more chew. The same tasty not too sweet fruity flavoring. Got a combination of the kiwi/straw + the mango /peach in the same bag haha ++. They also packed a punch and were pretty addictive once you start eating them. Kept those for […]

CBD Bears – @cannabuzzofficial

As always the same plesant chewy tasty, easy to eat by the handfull gummy. Its has a soft jello like texture super plesant doesnt stick to your teeth at all. The taste is amazing on those it taste justttt like candied orange rind. Its lightly lemony, sour with a sweet orange peel taste feels great […]

Gum Drop Remedies * Kushstation * June

Brand – Gum Drop Remedies by Cannamo Canada Visual/Texture – beautifully boasting a bright orange coloring, same shape design of jelly tots, with the trademark pot leaf up top. Packed into a screw top tin that is convenient for keeping these fresh, and easily stored. All extremely soft, and easy to chew Flavor – the […]

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