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Do-Si-Dos HCFSE- Coast Terra BC (Arcana Extractions)

I’ve had the pleasure of trying Dosidos multiple times in flower form prior, so the anticipation to try diamonds of the strain had me excited. The visuals did not let me down with pale yellow backgrounds, defined crystallized edges, with a thin watery film binding the micro-diamonds together. The smells coming out of the jar […]

Kandy Kush HCFSE- Coast Terra BC (Arcana Extractions)

Rich yellow coloured microdiamonds collected into several small circular balls at the bottom of the jar. The diamonds likely gathered in this way due to the sappy sauce that coated them. The smells coming from the jar were clear and pungent with prominent notes of pine followed by undertones of sweet earth. Gathering the product […]

Pineapple Express – Green Supreme

Nice grouping of diamonds ranging from small to medium to large with a small coating of amber sauce. Slightly difficult to get adhered to a dab tool but still manageable. Floral berry terps blended together to create an almost tropical smell. Clean melt with the same tropical flavoring when you exhale. Not overwhelmingly powerful at […]

24K Diamonds – Get Ganja Online

Very small amount of light amber sauce glazed over micro thca crystals. Brown sugar consistency, easy to work with. The terps are mostly muted in the jar until agitated at which time you get a subtle tangie or orange smell with a small amount of sweetness. Clean melt with a more pronounced sweet citrus flavoring […]

LA Confidential – Get Ganja Online

Darker amber in color with a consistency very close to brown sugar. Lots of tiny thca crystals with a very minimal amount of sauce. The terps are mostly muted to the nose unless agitated, at that point there is a faint pine smell with a small amount of skunky citrus. Clean melt with a that […]

Gorilla Glue #4 Diamonds – Shades Of Green

Gorilla Glue #4 Diamonds from Shades Of Green The visuals were similar to the Cookie Dough but a bit lighter in colour. The nose was light and it was a bit gassy with a sweet sugary chemical smell. The taste had even more of that chemical flavour that was similar to glue as well as […]

Cookie Dough Diamonds – Shades Of Green

Cookie Dough Diamonds from Shades Of Green It had a neat consistency and colour to it. It was like clumpy wet crystallized sugar and it had a creamy colour. The smell was a sweet creamy vanilla. It had those cake smells to it and the taste was similar to the nose. It took a bit […]

Poncho Pink Walker HTHCHPE (WCC x PonchoFarms) – WestCoast Collective

The second you remove the lid off this stuff you are instantly smacked with a ridiculously pungent sweet diesel odor. This strong and heavy nose is accented by some creamy citrus terps which truly make these diamonds a terp lovers dream. I’m a big fan of these chunky diamonds, but I do wish there was […]

Creme Brulee Diamonds – Shades of Green

Amber clusters of diamonds with a minimal amount of sauce. Easy to work with, easy to get the desired sized dab. The terps from the jar are like a creamy vanilla although not overpowering. Melts clean, however slightly harsh with a a subtle creamy flavor coming through when you exhale then settling in to the […]

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