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High Grade Diamonds * The Green Depot * June

Strain – High Grade Diamonds Texture/Visual – these beautiful diamonds, came as two reformed chunky formations. Textured with a decent consistency of rock hard pebbles that crumble up no problem when added to a joint or easily scooping your own dab from. When broken up it has a grainy sandy feel, and remaining sticky, and […]

Khalifa Mints Diamond –

<span;>Khalifa Mints Diamond <span;>Khalifa Kush x The Menthol Grown by Headwater Processed by Honey Badger Extract Sourced from Classicsto A beautiful baller jar with a nice mix of bigger boulders to smaller / micro sized thca diamonds and terp sauce gave these a beautiful consistency easy to take a desired sized dab from light to […]

Slurricane Diamond –

Slurricane Diamond Grown by MissHazey Processed bhierba CanadaSourced from classicsto A wet wet sugar like texture. Easy to handle for dabs hard for shots haha. The sauce was not lacking on these it was terpy and  with the thca giving it a sandy consistency It has a peppery and lemony hints that develop well to […]

Grease Monkey Diamonds – WTF Cannabis

Grease Monkey Diamonds from WTF Cannabis Visual: It was a big orange sparkly crystal that would crumble apart to the touch into smaller diamonds. It looked very appealing. Nose/Taste: The nose was a bit light with a sweet and gassy smell and a hint of vanilla. The taste was not as sweet but I still got the […]

Strawberries and Cream HCFSE- The Dope Dispensary

Arrived in a small shallow shoulderless jar which is always my preference. The consistency of the product had small uniform granular diamonds that were transparent with a light peach hue. The sauce was spread evenly throughout the diamonds without piling up along the exterior which also made it relatively easy to collect a decently sized […]

King Tuts Diamonds- The Dope Dispensary

Medium sized chunky diamonds coated in a even coating of sauce giving the diamonds a light peach to yellow appearance; depending on the amount collected together. The consistency was tacky with the product initially feeling dense and slightly hardened on the exterior. After agitating the concentrate, it became much easier to handle; making it simple […]

Death Bubba FSE – WTF Cannabis

Dark amber sauce drizzled over a blend of small to medium diamonds, the sauce is thick and sticky with a sauce to diamond ratio of about 30/70 sauce to diamonds, easy to work with. Spicy earthy terps that are not completely apparent at first however become more defined after agitation. Clean melt with the a […]

Dolato – WTF Cannabis

Dark amber sauce blended together with a mixture of small to medium diamonds, with a ratio of about 40/60 sauce to diamonds. The sauce is sap like and sticky but easy to work with to deliver the desired size dab. The terps are subtle but there’s a definitive citrusy lime that becomes enhanced when agitated. […]

Platinum Pina Colada HCFSE- Arcana Extractions

First time I’ve heard of the strain, including the parents on either side; being a cross of Platinum Bubba x Pina Colada (CBD Lilly). I am going to start off with the nose on this one because it lives up to its name and may be one of the first cannabis products, I’ve personally had […]

Pink Kush HCFSE- Arcana Extractions

Product arrived as a singular deep yellow to rich orange boulder consisting of a multitude of tacky and chunky diamonds. Not as saucey as the last one but rather sticky as the consistency of the sauce just appeared thicker. Took some effort to break down the HCFSE as it almost was slightly hardened on the […]

Gorilla Glue Thca – @officialsmokeyslounge

Gorilla Glue Diamond Thca Crumble of little thca chunks. Slightly sandy got a bit sticky when warmed up. Rather easy to handle on bigger chunks the smaller piece kept falling of the dab tool. Smelled piney and citrusy mostly. All transfered to the smooth vapor. Left almost no residue super easy to clean and take […]

Miracle Whip Terp Diamonds – HappyClouds

Extremely unique texture on these diamonds. It’s a soft and uniform consistency, like a jam or jelly. You can’t spot any separation of terps from diamonds, it’s all mixed into one apple sauce texture. The colour is a very nice and light gold. The aroma on this is sweet and tropical, reminding me very much […]

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