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Purple Kush – Cumulus Carts

Purple kush from cumulus carts is another one of his great strains. I enjoyed the flavour of this cart, not too big of a taste but still a nice earthy one. It was very smooth on inhale and exhale meaning you can enjoy nice long pulls without coughing your lungs out. The potency in this […]

Strawberry Cream(Cumulus) – WTF Cannabis

Dark amber in color, almost cherry colored, free flowing if left on its side at room temperature, no sugaring. Smooth, easy pulls, no clogging issue, with a creamy strawberry flavoring when you exhale. Spacey but focused euphoric high, that at first gives you a sense of focus and the ability to get things done. As […]

Pink Panther(Cumulus Carts) – WTF Cannabis

Light amber sauce, no sugaring, thick but will flow to one side if left to do so at room temperature. Almost grapefruit like terps but with a little bit of a piney/earthy flavoring mixed in as well. Focused and uplifting cerebral high that causes you to almost over focus on what you are doing and […]

Cookies Kush FSE – Cumulus Carts x Nature’s Fire

Grown and extracted by Nature’s Fire then processed in to carts by Cumulus, we have a dark, thick amber filling. Smooth, easy pulls with the flavor matching the source material being a sweet but peppery herbal flavoring with a very small amount of citrus blending in as time goes on(I reviewed the rosin jam previously […]

Dutch Treat – Cumulus Carts

Light amber in color, free flowing but thick enough to not move quickly at room temperature. Fruity herbal terps at first with a bit of a minty flavor coming around as time goes on. No clogs or leaks, Staring straight ahead spaced out high, hard to zero in and get things done but once you […]

Super Silver Haze – Cumulous Carts

Dark amber in color, free flowing but thick enough that it takes a while for it to settle to one side at room temperature. Peppered floral terps immediately when you exhale with a very slight amount of citrus blending in as the flavoring settles. Hazy, uplifting, energetic high that puts your head in the clouds […]

Sour Tangie – Cumulus Carts

One of the best if not the best cartridge I have tried from cumulus carts.The taste is amazing, I feel like taking more hits just for the taste. It has a nice citrus taste on inhale and exhale. Sour tangie is a very tasty cart and is just as potent as any other cumulus cart. […]

Dutch Treat FSE Cartridge – Cumulus Carts

The terpene profile on this cart is extremely unique and nothing short of amazing. The homie truly did some outstanding work. I find this strain hits a lot stronger at a medium voltage around 3.2V rather than a low 2.4-2.6V, although you will lose a bit of the flavour. There are no clogging issues at […]

Sour Skittlz – Cumulus Carts

I was finally able to receive my cumulus carts just before the weekend and was very excited to try out Sour skittlz. Using my brand new Yocan uni pro i was able to vape these carts at the perfect temperature and it resulted in me getting some big smooth hits. I am able to take […]

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