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Blue Cherry Mac Rosin – @thesquishlist

Blue cherry Mac Rosin – A cross of Blue cherries x Mac 1 Light goldenish creamy color. A bit taffy in texture like a hot butter but tacky enough its easy to work with. Smell of citrus were the most noticeable with a light sour cheesey side. The taste is where this thing shines it […]

Pink Shatter – @6ixotics_ @pinkp3tro @3astrep

Pink Shatter  6xotics Golden and see thru, really sticky and greasy to the touch. Pretty hard to handle at room temp it just stretch super well but give it a good snap amd its easy to break pieces. The smell out of the pack was light but present a bit piney light danky side pretty […]

Tahoe OG Shatter – @bigbossrsvp @bigbossfarmers

Tahoe OG Shatter Dr Sauce Boss. Came in a super slick grimmy graphic pack again really digging the look of those. The shatter itself was a glassy super light ambered in color. Its easy to handle on bigger piece the texture is glass like brittle and easy to snap. Stable at room temp and super […]

Kabul Hash * Bud Cargo * April

Strain – Kabul hash Texture/Visual – a soft and pliable consistency which is very easy to form, and to work with. An exterior of dark brown, almost blackened shell, and a golden brown, almost caramel colored interior Smoke – simple to make a snake in the grass or it feathers perfectly into a joint, and […]

Mimosa Hash Rosin [email protected]

<span;>Hash Rosin Mimosa Hash made from sun.grown whole plants. Pressed at 170, came out really nice caramel colored with a see thru glance. Really tacky could handle it with the hands coming out the press and roll snakes for joints. Smelled nice once pressed but after a week of cure or so it got a […]

Zurple Punch(NFC) – WTF Cannabis

Amber sauce surrounded by THCA diamonds of all shapes and sizes, small, medium and large. Stirs very easily, easy to scoop out the size of dab desired. Strong blended lemon/berry terps at frist with a switch to a sweet herbal smell. Clean melt with the same terps all smashed in to a ball of flavor […]

Arachnophobia(NFC) – WTF Cannabis

Darker golden sauce mixed through a various range of small to large diamonds. Very gracious ratio between sauce and diamonds. Easy to stir up, easy to apply the desired amount. Rich earthy berry terps that intensify on mixing. Clean melt with the same earthy/berry flavor coming through in the melt. High level of elevated euphoria, very […]

Zmoothies Zignature(NFC) – WTF Cannabis

Golden amber in color with a range of THCA crystals from very small to medium sized with a gracious amount of sauce, runny but easy to work with, settles to the bottom at room temps. Strong and very unique terps sweet and sour cherry or berry flavors mixed with a bit of earthiness. Clean melt […]

Comatose Drop Flower Rosin(The Squishlist) – WTF Cannabis

Packaged in a neat little square, amber in color that whips up to a creamy peanut butter like consistency, very easy to work with not too wet not too dry. Strong earthy pine terps with a bit of gas coming through in the whipping. Clean melt with a gassy pine flavor coming through on exhale. […]

Pink Rockstar(The Squishlist) – WTF Cannabis

Creamy and fluffy caramel like consistency, whips up very easily at room temp and re-settles not long after. Easy to get through, easy to apply the desired sized dab with a small bit of twisting. Earthy gas terps easily picked up but increase noticeably with a small amount of whipping. Clean melt with a same […]

Super Polm Hash(Netherlands)

Great looking hash at first glance. Dark green almost black on the outside with a dark golden interior. Malleable,slightly sticky and easy to work with,simple for making snakes for joints or mini balls for a bowl topper. Smell is is old-school super earthy with some refreshing berries in the background! Taste is excelllent and takes […]

Blue Cherry MAC(The Squishlist) – WTF Cannabis

Creamy with an almost peanut butter consistency, easy to manipulate and work with, whips up nicely in to forming peaks, easy to get the desired sized dab. Sweet cherry terps at first with s bit of a desserty gas blended in to the mix. Clean melt with a creamy cherry flavor at first and a […]

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