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Premium Vaporizer Kit Thin Mint GSC – – July 2021

Coming in a beautiful arsty rectrianglar box with a magnetic close lid, was a sleek honey color cart and a re useable clean looking white pen. The mouth piece was easy to grip with my lips and all I had to do was haul on the pen for usage. Very simple, but yet highly efficient. […]

Rockstar Nuken Hash * Bud Cargo * July

Strain – Rockstar Nuken Hash Texture/Visual – darkened brown almost black coloring, once pulling apart revealing a slightly lighter brown hued interior, soft, sticky, and very pliable puddy like texture. Being so fresh, and having such a super stickiness, you’re easily able to pull apart, and piece back together. Probably some of the most sticky […]

Zig Zag Hash * Kana Post * July

Strain – Zig Zag Hash Texture/Visual – an entire quarter made up of a variation of sizes, having a darker brown, almost blackened hue, and still sporting gold from the stamped seal on the initial brick. Fairly dense, not able to reform due to it being slightly dry which made it super easy to feather […]

Halitosis Breath LHR – FarmToJar

Live Hash Rosin Halitosis Breath  x Possum Blend Same same beautiful clean and buddery exterior. The smell has you expect from the name brings you to funkytown. A stanky breathy nose mixed in with enough gas and spice it turned almost musky funky putrid, perfect for a good night. It burns / melt like the […]

Cinderella 99 – Farm to Jar

Cinderella 99 Farm A cross of Jack Herer x Shiva Skunk Looked similar to the other. The nose is where this one shines. It smells like Hawaiian Punch litteraly, also a dank  background. Some of the most pleasant concentrate ive had just keep opening an smelling this one. Same for the taste fruity first funky […]

Strawpicana – Farm to Jar

Strawpicanna Farmtojar Burnone A cross of Tropicana Cookies x Strawnana >Super nice look clean light creamy color with a buddery texture. The nose is super nice creamy and strawberry driven. Same for the taste creamy and you get hints of strawberry on lower temps super nice. This one burned a tad darker then the 2 […]

Blackberry Rhino Shatter * The Green Depot * July

Strain – Blackberry Rhino Shatter Texture/Visual – initially shaped identical to a trapezoid, wrapped in a sheet of parchment paper tucked inside of a mylar bag. Unlike most shatter that come fairly muted, quite the opposite with terpene emissions pleasantly reeking from this slab. Tinted a golden, orange, almost bronze hued, solidly formed, and conveniently […]

Sundae Driver Live Resin * Alpha Extracts * June

Strain – Sundae Driver Live Resin Texture/Visual – an eye appealing honey golden shine on this live resin, smooth texture, and beautifully crafted. This easily accessible gold in its glass jar, simple to scoop and size-up your own dabs or to add slivers into any doob. This has the most aromatic emissions I’ve experienced from […]

Black Rose –

Black Rose LHR Cant say enough good things about this one. Pics dont do it justice for sure on this round haha. Terps leaching out the creamy batter. As soon as i cracked this one i knew i was in for something special. So i took pics 1 dab and kept it safe for a […]

High Grade Diamonds * The Green Depot * June

Strain – High Grade Diamonds Texture/Visual – these beautiful diamonds, came as two reformed chunky formations. Textured with a decent consistency of rock hard pebbles that crumble up no problem when added to a joint or easily scooping your own dab from. When broken up it has a grainy sandy feel, and remaining sticky, and […]

Banana Kush Shatter * Alpha Extracts * June

Strain – Banana Kush Shatter Texture/Visual – looking absolutely stunning, in its bright golden form. Coming in a plastic lockable case to keep its beautiful formation intact. Easily manipulated into a desired shape or size for your own personal selection. Softened texture, pliable, and a heavy stickiness to it Smoke – a slight scent coming […]

Khalifa Mints Diamond –

<span;>Khalifa Mints Diamond <span;>Khalifa Kush x The Menthol Grown by Headwater Processed by Honey Badger Extract Sourced from Classicsto A beautiful baller jar with a nice mix of bigger boulders to smaller / micro sized thca diamonds and terp sauce gave these a beautiful consistency easy to take a desired sized dab from light to […]

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