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Purple Kush – Cumulus Carts

Purple kush from cumulus carts is another one of his great strains. I enjoyed the flavour of this cart, not too big of a taste but still a nice earthy one. It was very smooth on inhale and exhale meaning you can enjoy nice long pulls without coughing your lungs out. The potency in this […]

Do-Si-Dos HCFSE- Coast Terra BC (Arcana Extractions)

I’ve had the pleasure of trying Dosidos multiple times in flower form prior, so the anticipation to try diamonds of the strain had me excited. The visuals did not let me down with pale yellow backgrounds, defined crystallized edges, with a thin watery film binding the micro-diamonds together. The smells coming out of the jar […]

Strawberry Cream(Cumulus) – WTF Cannabis

Dark amber in color, almost cherry colored, free flowing if left on its side at room temperature, no sugaring. Smooth, easy pulls, no clogging issue, with a creamy strawberry flavoring when you exhale. Spacey but focused euphoric high, that at first gives you a sense of focus and the ability to get things done. As […]

Pink Panther(Cumulus Carts) – WTF Cannabis

Light amber sauce, no sugaring, thick but will flow to one side if left to do so at room temperature. Almost grapefruit like terps but with a little bit of a piney/earthy flavoring mixed in as well. Focused and uplifting cerebral high that causes you to almost over focus on what you are doing and […]

Bubba Kush Shatter- Coast Terra BC (XL Extracts)

Product arrived in a thin sleeve as one solid slab that was untouched. The product itself was slightly malleable but would nap easily with any quickly applied force. Pale yellow and amber backgrounds with a slightly opaque exterior and clear interior, which was visible as you broke off a piece to smoke. There were some […]

Cookies Kush FSE – Cumulus Carts x Nature’s Fire

Grown and extracted by Nature’s Fire then processed in to carts by Cumulus, we have a dark, thick amber filling. Smooth, easy pulls with the flavor matching the source material being a sweet but peppery herbal flavoring with a very small amount of citrus blending in as time goes on(I reviewed the rosin jam previously […]

Dutch Treat – Cumulus Carts

Light amber in color, free flowing but thick enough to not move quickly at room temperature. Fruity herbal terps at first with a bit of a minty flavor coming around as time goes on. No clogs or leaks, Staring straight ahead spaced out high, hard to zero in and get things done but once you […]

Super Silver Haze – Cumulous Carts

Dark amber in color, free flowing but thick enough that it takes a while for it to settle to one side at room temperature. Peppered floral terps immediately when you exhale with a very slight amount of citrus blending in as the flavoring settles. Hazy, uplifting, energetic high that puts your head in the clouds […]

Kandy Kush HCFSE- Coast Terra BC (Arcana Extractions)

Rich yellow coloured microdiamonds collected into several small circular balls at the bottom of the jar. The diamonds likely gathered in this way due to the sappy sauce that coated them. The smells coming from the jar were clear and pungent with prominent notes of pine followed by undertones of sweet earth. Gathering the product […]

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