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Lebanese Hash — High Garden

Came packed in a nice little square, approximately 1cm in size. Dark brown, with some lighter brown colours throughout. Dense and kind of hard until smaller pieces are broken off, then it gets softer and easier to work with. The smell isn’t overwhelming, but is definitely earthy with some slight citrus notes to follow. It […]

Moby Dick * High Garden Marijuana * January

Strain – Moby Dick Shatter Smoke – quite the terpenes coming through while smoking on this shatter. Great flavors on the inhale and exhale alike consisting of sweet lemon yet also sour citrus in the same note, it provides thick big hauls of smoke, definitely will leave you coughing if over done. Fairly smooth compared […]

Lebanese Hash * High Garden Marijuana * January

Strain – Lebanese Hash Smoke – it is really smooth to the inhale, easy to take big hauls and hold them with no major issue of coughing. Clean, light greyish white ash. It also burned for a long time, evenly, and didn’t require a constant re lighting. Light it up once and pass it around […]

Super Lemon Haze – WTF Cannabis

Golden amber in color with a consistency on the runnier side, very easy to stir around and to get the desired sized dab however may require scraping to remove any excess from the dab tool. Sweet tangy lemon terps out of the jar that intensify once agitated. Clean melt with the flavor closely matching the […]

Lebanese Hash – High Garden Marijuana – January 2021

This hash has a nice brown color and a nice hashy aroma. Burned exceptionally well. The ash was pretty white. Tasted properly good with a bomb hashy taste and citrusy notes. This is a medium to high potency concentrate. Boasted a nice europhia and made me feel calm. Made me pretty unfocused and hazy. I […]

Chocolope Budder * Weed Mart Online * December

Strain – Chocolope Budder Smoke – it’s fairly smooth to the inhale without many issues of coughing off the hook. It has an earthy coffee like taste on both inhale and exhale. The smoke is fairly thick and the taste also comes through nicely mixed into a joint. Definitely one of the more flavor infested […]

Green Crush Shatter-Highgardenmarijuana

Nice looking product at first sight! Slightly sticky and golden with a pull and snap consistency🥳 so easy to work with. Smell is sweet and sour im getting berries with some musky earthyness. Great tasting product! Pure sour flavor fills your lungs and leaves a sweet candy flavor on the palate long after smoking.Burn was […]

Stardog Cartridge by Sauce House

Here we have a little puppy Stardog 100% live resin cartridge by Sauce House.  Woof!  It is stunning… beautiful consistency. Sweet floral terpenes on the inhale with a sweet musky earthiness & slight touch of gas ⛽ on the exhale. The tastes really do come through in the Verified hardware, and the performance is rockin’. […]

Lebanese Hash-Highgardenmarijuana

This hash definitely reminds me of old-school style hash.Very hard dark brown with a golden sandy texture when broken open🥵. Smell is 100% old-school strong chocolate earthy/musky and with some spices in in background. Very nice refreshing flavor when smoking super spicy,minty and earthy taste and strong floral smell that fills the room, this is […]

Watermelon Zkittlez – WTFCannabis

I saved the premium budder for the end since they were a few more dollars. I wanted to compare premium with the regular budder to see if there’s a difference. The only difference that I could notice was the smoothness. The regular budders are smooth but sometimes leave a dry throat after a couple of […]

Gorilla Glue #4 * Weed Mart Online * December

Strain – Gorilla Glue #4 Crumble Smoke – the terpenes off this while smoking were very similar to its OG form. The taste of diesel piney earthiness with slight nutty hints to it. One of the smoothest forms of concentrates that I’ve tried. Found it easy to take fairly big pulls and hold it in […]

Mother’s Milk – TF Cannabis

Light amber in color with a malleable pull and snap consistency, stable at room temp and and balls up easily under slight finger heat and pressure. Rich and sweet earthy terps that closely resemble powdered milk that would be prepared for an infant. Clean melt with the same rich sweet flavor that stays around for […]

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