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Strawberry Lemonade Distillate Vape

Second time reviewing these vapes so I decided to try something different! This review is after using daily for a week! Excellent product overall! After a week of using color is still holding up! Clear golden distillate! I’m sitting at about 1/2 of a tank👌🏽! Very minor clogging(started about a day ago) but very easy […]

Zkittlez VVS- Nektr Extracts

Arrived once again in a clean shoulderless jar but unfortunately lost some sauce outside of the inner lid. What remsined were large diamonds with a thin translucent layer of pale-yellow sauce. Nice clean sharp sour scent intially hits the nostrils, followed but a mild fruity sweetness. Melt was incredibly clean with little to no residue […]

Original Sweet Skunk Live Resin * Gizmo Crafts * September

Strain – Original Sweet Skunk Live Resin Texture/Visual – super discreetly packaged in a custom mylar, stationed up in a twist top jar,  rendering it scent less until popping the top. Emissions of the gassy terpenes releasing  once cracking the jar, with deep skunky, and sweet citrus odors emerging. Appearing with a light yellowish orange […]

Platinum Rockstar Diamonds- Nektr Extracts

Arriving in a wide shoulderless jar, unfortunately with some of the sauce outside of lid itself. Rich orange sappy sauce that perfectly coated all the small to large diamonds. Smells were very clean with strong notes of spices, herbal notes and a mild minty/woody nose. Almost refreshing to take a whiff of. Found the diamonds […]

Orange Creamsicle Live Resin- Nektr Extracts

Visually stunning is the best way to describe this one. Extremely wet and runny yet packed with a healthy amount of microdiamonds throughout. Rich bright to burnt orange hue with the Terp sauce pooling in the jar as it’s leaned to one side. (Check out the video to see the fluidity I’m talking about). Sad […]

Slurricane Budder- The Harmony Collective

Waxy and white to slightly beige in colour with a wet cookie dough type look. Smells were sweet with lime and herbal scents on the tailend. Nice to handle with a thicker consistency then the two FSE products; making it easy to stick to the dab tool without any risk of falling off. Melted pretty […]

GMO LHR- The Harmony COllective

Very wet appearance with smaller areas that appaerd to “sweat” terps along the exterior that was lightly sandy coloured. Product felt thick and took some effort to manipulate but made this a dream for collecting a dab. Smells definitely lived up to the strain GMO with heavy garlicky nose which also had some sweet and […]

Wedding Cake BX1 FSE- The Harmony Collective

Similar appearance to the black cherry punch with similar sized diamonds but possessed a deeper yellow hue. Still very wet with a visible ring of sauce surrounding the gram. Smells were fairly similar to the flower (super sweet and doughy/creamy) but did have a bit of mildly sharp/sour aroma. Again easy to handle, and came […]

Black Cherry Punch FSE- The Harmony Collective

Arriving in slick black shoulderless jars with a very wet appearance with smaller diamonds throughout; no plant material to speak of. Light pale yellow to transparent in colour. Smells of fruity sweetness with some sharper notes of citrus. Relatively easy to gather as the product stuck together due to a healthy amount of sauce creating […]

Fat Banana- The Dope Dispensary

Arrived in a protective sleeve which was also housed inside a compact box. The packaging on the shatter likely led it looking untouched. Great transparent consistency providing light yellow to amber hues, with a snappy texture. Nothing significant in terms of a nose but after warming it between the fingertips gave off a mildly sweet […]

FPOG Shatter- The Dope Dispensary

Light amber and transparent with a pull and snap consistency. There wasnt any significant nose again right out of the sleeve but after warming a dab up to drop in banger, there was a mild sharp fruity nose. Melted nice and cleanly with only a mild residue left behind. Flavors were more citrus than anything […]

Cosmic Collision DIamonds- The Dope Dispensary

The difference between the HCFSE and the diamonds that was evident off right off the bat was the size of each individual diamond. The CC took the win with each individual one being the size of 4 from its HCFSE counterpart. This one also appeared to be much firmer and took a bit of effort […]

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