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CBD Isolate- CBD Depot

This is only the second CBD tincture I’ve tried; so I may not have the most experience in this category but I’ve been messing around with the product over the last few days. The product itself uses MCT oil as the medium with the product itself looking exceptionally clear and transparent. The container has a […]

CBD Isolate – WTF Cannabis

This arrived in a jar, it was a mix of white crystallized powder and tiny crystals. There were a couple of powdered chunks that easily broke down upon contact. The powder was soft and odorless and can be used in multiple methods(ingesting/smoking/topical). I’ve been adding it to my morning coffee in combination with my concentrates. […]

Skunkberry /w CBD Isolate – WTF Cannabis

I previously reviewed the budder separately in it’s own review, you can see the budder review here: this review is the effects of adding CBD isolate to a dab and comparing the effects. The isolate itself is a fine, crystalliy powdery substance with a sweet sugary smell. I can say that the 2 flavors […]

CBD Isolate – Pink Llama

This was my first time trying any CBD isolate, and man I was pleasantly surprised. The texture is a bit annoying to work with as it falls off the dabber very easily, but it’s perfect for cold starts. The aroma is an extremely light sweet/doughy scent, but the flavour is very strong. I get a […]

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