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Stardog Cartridge by Sauce House

Here we have a little puppy Stardog 100% live resin cartridge by Sauce House.  Woof!  It is stunning… beautiful consistency. Sweet floral terpenes on the inhale with a sweet musky earthiness & slight touch of gas ⛽ on the exhale. The tastes really do come through in the Verified hardware, and the performance is rockin’. […]

Durban Poison Distillate- WTF Cannabis

Out of the three this one was easily my favourite. Arrived again in clean packaging and the same metal tipped cartridge. Flavor profile offered nice clean pine, with some mild sweet herbal and citrus undertones. Found the vapor to be pleasantly smooth with no odd tickle felt at the back of the throat; which I’ve […]

Mimosa Distillate- WTF Cannabis

Once again arriving in some nice packaging with a clear amber liquid inside. Vapor was uber smooth yet again but found it really tasted nothing like Mimosa. Here I was looking for the creamy, orange and sweet profile but really was only hit with some sour citrus and mild herbal notes. If I was doing […]

Lemon Skunk Distillate- WTF Cannabis

Same clean packaging with a clean looking metal tipped cartridge. Found the distillate in this one had an opaque/cloudy appearance with the same light golden hues but was uniform throughout. Vapor again was smooth with light citrus, kush and herbal flavors. No tickle in the nose or at the back of the throat after smoking. […]

Gelato Distillate Cartridge- West Coast Express

Light amber, thick yet transparent distillate arrived inside a plastic protective sleeve. Found the flavor to be sweet with a candy like flavor; with some artificial fruit flavors I’d most likely compare to grapes. Found the vapour to be relatively smooth a bit of a tickle in my nose and throat after the 4th or […]

Lemon Sour Diesel-Wtfcannabis

First time trying a CG distillate product, always read good this about their products. I wasn’t let down! Great tasting product I get lemon/citrus and sour but also some distillate after taste. High is very sativa! I’m stone and I feel euphoric, happy and on the edge of my seat ready to do something. Only […]

Pine Tar Kush – Cumulus Carts

Pine tar Kush – Cumulus Cartridge (Grease Godz) : Man this Cumulus cartridge is something else. This FSE Pine tar Kush cart from Cumulus is a very heavy Indica. From the visuals of this cartridge it’s a dark amber colour. As for the consistency it was rather thick and not too runny, which I liked […]

Gelato Vape Cartridge – Swift Green

Gelato Vape cartridge from Swift Green Visual: It was thick and it had a nice golden honey gold colour to it. Taste: The taste was like Gelato ice cream and creamy vanilla and a tropical fruit. It was very similar to rainbow sherbet Potency/Effects: I got good clouds from it and it hit quite well! The potency was […]

Northern Lights cartridge by Cumulus Carts

The Northern Lights HCFSE cartridge by Cumulus Carts is a gorgeous golden yellow that sparkles in the sunlight. I was able to try this product in two types of carts, and the fully ceramic was my favorite as it truly brought out the flavors. This cartridge tastes like the classic Northern Lights strain, semi-sweet & […]

Walter White cart by Naturally Farmed Cannabis

I present to you the precious Walter White HTFSE ceramic cartridge. This cart is right up there with my most favorite of all time. Let’s start with the taste, a very hard to find pure sweet pine, except you will want this Christmas Tree around all year long as it is PACKED with terps. It’s […]

Pink Kush 50/50 Cartridge- Pink Llama (Sauce House)

Another first for me with a 50/50 blend of live High Terpene Extract (HTE) and distillate. I’ve had the chance to try one of their FSE carts in the past (9lb Hammer) which will be nice to make a comparison to. This product did come in a different cartridge from verified vapes (called a resin […]

BubbleGum Panties – Cumulus Carts

BubbleGum Panties: where to begin, the moment when I saw bubblegum panties on the next rotations of carts I got hyped. Recently I’ve gotten pink panties from Cumulus carts and it was amazing. The taste was a subtle earthy kind off  smoke. It had a super light amber look to it very nice and thick […]

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