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Strawberry Lemonade Distillate Vape

Second time reviewing these vapes so I decided to try something different! This review is after using daily for a week! Excellent product overall! After a week of using color is still holding up! Clear golden distillate! I’m sitting at about 1/2 of a tank👌🏽! Very minor clogging(started about a day ago) but very easy […]

Pink Skunk FSE Cartridge- (Cumulus Carts) WTF Cannabis

Very clean looking with a rich yellow hue and a slightly opaque or thickened look to it straight out of the protective sleeve. After having it in my hand for a short period of time it became much less vicious and moreso of a clear fluid with the same attractive colours. The source of this […]

Mimosa FSE Cartridge- (Cumulus Carts) WTF Cannabis

Such a drastically different visual compared to the Pink Skunk FSE. Beautifully clear and transparent with visually attractive golden hues; all arriving in a clean looking ceramic cart. Packaging has been on pint with each cartridge that’s arrived with this one following suit inside of a “doob tube”. No leaking issues to speak of as […]

Orange Sherbert Distillate Vape

Pure fruity oranges hit you in the face upon opening package(nice informative labels and heat sealed!) Distillate looks great! Color is clear yellowish orange and thick in consistency. Really nice subtle orange flavor fills your palate and lingers long after smoking.Flavor is definitely artificial but very tasty and extremely welcoming. High is nice after a […]

Blueberry Kush Cart * Molson Hill Reserve * July

Strain – Blueberry Kush Cart Texture/Visual – super light, clean looking golden hued, coming in a mylar with a rubber cap on the threads of the cart. Ceramic tip, and  wielding the most scent I’ve ever ever experienced from a cartridge. Opening the mylar an immediate wafting of sweet blueberries being air born Smoke – […]

Lemon Mints Live Resin pen – @Northstarrosin

Kush Mintz Live resin Pen Bubba Kush x Animal Mints Slick little .3ml pen nice on the go easy to rip with no hands haha. The live resin was nice and amber in color runnier then distillate but still syrupy. The taste is litteraly the same as the actual HTFSE i tried a month back […]

Premium Vaporizer Kit Thin Mint GSC – – July 2021

Coming in a beautiful arsty rectrianglar box with a magnetic close lid, was a sleek honey color cart and a re useable clean looking white pen. The mouth piece was easy to grip with my lips and all I had to do was haul on the pen for usage. Very simple, but yet highly efficient. […]

Rockstar FSE Vape Cart (Cumulus Carts) – WTF Cannabis

Rockstar FSE Vape Cart (Cumulus Carts) from WTF Cannabis Visual: It was darker than the other Vape Carts with a bit of a dirty honey look. Taste: The taste was very terpy. It was gassy and piney and a bit of that hash oil flavour. Potency/Effects: It was very punchy and hard hitting! It makes me very buzzy […]

Blueberry FSE Cart- WTF Cannabis (Cumulus Carts)- June 2021

Had the ceramic cart arrive in a protective sleeve which is always nice. Initially the liquid was somewhat solidified. However,after a few minutes placed in my hand to warm up the product turned into the thick transparent liquid gold you see in the pics. No sugaring to speak of on this one. Found the flavors […]

Sundae Driver FSE Cart – WTFCannabis

This cart arrived slightly leaky and with air pockets covering the wick on both holes. This caused the wick to burn on my first few puffs and led to a kinda nasty burned flavour. I had to transfer the oil to another cart which gives a much better flavour. This hassle is the reason for […]

Sundae Driver FSE Cart – WTF Cannabis

Golden amber FSE sauce, thick enough to not free flow but no clogging and no visible sugaring, fired on first pull and every consecutive pull with no clogging issues. Very sweet candied flavoring starting with an almost sour citrus then shifting to a sweet flavor berry on exhale with no noticeable harshness. Hazy behind the […]

Pin Diesel Distillate- CAMMP

Listed as a cross between Pineapple and Sour Diesel. The cartridge arrived with a protective sleeve that was sealed, which is always appreciated. The distillate itself looked clean and transparent with a lightly golden hue you’d expect. Found the vapour was smooth producing sweet, refreshing pine and mildly earthy flavors; no odd flavors that I’ve […]

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