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Blue City Diesel- BuyBCBud

Dark green backgrounds with a large amount of long bright orange hairs peeking through the crevices. The bud structure was moreso on the sativa side with a loose structure connecting several branches of trichome matted buds. The smell was a clean fruity and gassy aroma highlighting on half of it’s lineage linked to Blueberry. The […]

Wally Bar and Minty MJ Bar- BuyBCBud

I have recently been trying to start medicating through the edible avenue and these were a perfect option for me at the moment. The bars are advertised as 75 mg THC dosages which for me are great for getting great euphoric sensations and relaxing body high, without being confined to the couch.  The bar itself […]

Red Congo- BuyBCBud

I have heard a lot of discussion regarding this strain and was glad to be able to test out the hype. I can say it did not disappoint with unmistakable Sativa characteristics. The buds were moderately dense, round and light green with long winding burnt orange pistils speckled throughout. Thin but plentiful amounts of milky […]

Pink Kush-BuyBCBud

Seconds after opening the can the room and likely my whole house stunk. Heavy pungent gas and the typical pink aromas which finished with its characteristic floral notes. The buds were perfectly manicured and stored extremely well with medium sized buds. It was easy to see at first glance the entirety of the buds encrusted […]

Wheelchair Weed – BuyBcBud

I’ve heard the term Wheelchair weed before as a slang for a really powerful and couch locking indica. This one that Walter recommended from his site is definitely worthy of the saying. Comes in a 10 gram plastic container sealed with a tuna can lid and the buds within were very sticky to the touch […]

OG Kush Budder – BuyBcBud

This budder is another in house extract and has a very nice appearance and texture. Almost has a consistency of a thin type of chocolate but it doesn’t crack when slicing a piece off and is rather soft at room temp. Really easy to work with. Lovely smell upon opening the silicone container ( I […]

Full Melt Bubble Hash – BuyBcBud

My first time trying a hash of this variety and it was an absolute treat in all aspects. I was told by Walter ahead of time that his long time clients absolutely love the stuff and I completely get it. I tried smoking it a number of ways for the review like dabbing, topping a […]

Papaya – BuyBcBud

A strain I’ve only had once or twice when I first arrived on to the MoM scene. All of the nugs were very identical looking in shape and size. All around quarter sized in a spherical fashion. Light green in colour with bright orange hairs. Very simple, but appealing look, sporting a great trim and […]

Fruit Punch – BuyBcBud

A three way cross of skunk × haze × northern lights. For the tag and discount this fruit punch was listed at it’s a very decent value. It says lightly seeded on the site which is probably the reason for it and so far I’ve only found one in about a gram and a half. […]

Tom Ford Pink Kush – BuyBcBud

I’ve had this strain a hand full of times and absolutely love it, especially as a huge fan of any pink related strains. I can easily say this is the best rendition of Tom Ford I’ve had the pleasure of smoking. The buds arrived in a super sticky fashion and stuck to anything with ease. […]

GG#4 – BuyBcBud

Absolutely love this strain and will never get tired of it. This one from buybcbud was another good choice in my last order. Very frosty looking light green nugs that have that classic gg4 look. Some popcorn but mostly medium and a few larger buds in the 10 gram container. Didn’t need a humidity pack […]

Tom Ford’s Pink Kush – Buy BC Bud

Like the fashion icon, this guy makes its presence known immediately. The nose is a beautiful burst of pine, and gassy in the extreme. This one is outrageously pungent. The flavour is bold and intense, very reminiscent of the smell. It possess a satisfying earthiness that, though not for everyone, runs true to its OG […]

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