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Mint Chocolate Chip – Budmail

Strain Mint Chocolate Chip from budmail / skookum rated as Indica AAAA Big to medium size nugs covered in trichome, decently dense, fresh and sticky to the touch. Beautiful nug structure, some nice looking foxtails,  a deep purples mixed in with about as much bright green makes for some really pretty dark / bright mix […]

Mocha Mint – Budmail

This beautiful batch came in a nice glass container for my quarter and my single grams. The bud you see in the picture is half of my quarter! So 1 huge nug of 3.5g and the 2 other nugs were mediums. Really nice cure and density. Beautiful colours, long pistils and a nice coverage of […]

Hidden Pastry #8 – Budmail

Strain Hidden Pastry #8  rated as hybrid AAAA (organic) from budmail/ Skookum. Beautiful bud structure big chunky nugs, the whole oz was basically 6-7 colas. Fresh and sticky to the touch. Deep purple troughout almost the whole nugs giving it a rather dark look, in direct light it is a super bright purple although. With […]

Super Silver Haze – Budmail

Super silver haze from Budmail rated as Sativa AAA Smallish nugs with a beautiful trichomes coverage and bright amber pistils. Came in a bit dry and not sticky felt better after a couple days in a jar with some integra. Smelled like classic SSH relatively pungent considering it was dryish, citrusy and spicy a bit […]

Tuna Kush – Budmail

Strain Tuna Kush rated as indica AA Super impressed by the look insane for the ratings. Even thru the bag these nugs where beautifuly caked and theres some really nice amber trichomes when zooming in. Decently sticky and fresh. Classic Tuna bud structure, small to medium dense bulky/tight chunks. With some dark purple, bright/ dark […]

Apricot Kush – Budmail

Strain Apricot Kush Rated as AA indica. Bag appeal, medium sized nugs that have a decent density with a surprising trichomes content once busted open, considering they looked as described a bit leafy nicely surprised. Smell was kind of muted mostly earthy, didn’t much of the apricot / fruitiness. And same for the smoke mostly […]

Super Mario – Budmail

Nice medium sized nugs with a good trichomes coverage for the AA range. A bit on the dryer side and a little leafy as advertised * hippy trim. The smell is kind of muted , gets a bit stronger once the nugs are cracked open, small hints of something piney, citrusy but mostly earthy. Burned […]

Sunset Octane – Budmail

This sunset octane is grown by skookum it’s included in the premier line. The nugs are a gorgeous green with a sugar coating of trichomes and vibrant orange pistils throughout. They are dense medium sized buds which are super sticky when busted up. The terpene profile is well described on the jar, you get a […]

Chocolope Haze Pre-Roll by flowerpwr – Budmail

My expectations are generally pretty low when it comes to pre-rolls. They tend to disappoint in one way or another. I must say, a new bar has been set for me. Pretty much everything about this pre-roll exceeded expectations. It was beautifully packaged in a tiny plastic tube with a descriptive label and cork seal. […]

Daily CO2 Cartridge (Girl Scout Cookies) – Budmail

Came in some nice packaging. Just enough information on the front and back and a sturdy plastic shell covering the cart itself. The actual CO2 oil inside of the cart was dark amber in color, homogeneous and semi-transparent. Produced a lot of really smooth vapor at low and medium temps. Some very distinct GSC terps, […]

MOTA Black Cube 900mg Chocolate – Budmail

Came in some nice branded packaging with the ingredients list on the back. Contained inside was the chocolate bar, 9 squares in total, wrapped in an aluminum wrapper The chocolate itself looked fairly high quality and was really sensitive to heat. Would melt in your hands within seconds. Taste was pretty good. Very rich and […]

Golden Goat by Skookum – Budmail

Always excited to see a sativa on the Budmail premiere line. Picked this up a month or so back and have been rationing it very carefully. I don’t usually go out of my way for Golden Goat, it hasn’t always treated me well in the past. This is certainly an exception – large, trich glazed […]

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