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Slurricane Budder- The Harmony Collective

Waxy and white to slightly beige in colour with a wet cookie dough type look. Smells were sweet with lime and herbal scents on the tailend. Nice to handle with a thicker consistency then the two FSE products; making it easy to stick to the dab tool without any risk of falling off. Melted pretty […]

Slurricane Budder- The Dope Dispensary

Such a unique look to this budder that had me immediately thinking of a block of cheddar; with small craters along the exterior. Bright yet rich orange colours, with a consistency that reminded me of the fake cheese inside of ritz cracker sandwiches; yet more dense. Found the visuals very appealing even though the colours […]

Purple Lights Sugar Wax and California Orange Budder – Gold Dreams

Purple Lights Sugar Wax and California Orange Budder from Gold Dreams Purple Lights Sugar Wax Visual/Nose/Taste: The colour was a dark orange with a tinge of brown. It looked like it would be waxy and crumbly and it was. The consistency totally matched the description of Sugar Wax. The nose was very gassy with some pine. […]

Black Tuna Budder * Gold Dreams * March

Strain – Black Tuna Budder Smoke – a great smoke with terpenes that stick out. Much like the flower form, this stuff packs alot of flavor into it. Not to be taken lightly, each pull you take is of big cloudy portions and of equal sized taste. The skunk flavoring is glued to your palate […]

Mint Chocolate Chip Budder-Pacificcanny

Moist,waxy,wet looking but just shiny brown budder. looking like a little piece of delishious fudge. Product is very malleable and so easy to work with and separate.🥳 Smell is subtle but im getting citrus and a little bit of gas. Taste is pungent pure in your face lemon citrus. Nice uplifting and euphoric high, feeling […]

Guava Cake Budder-Pacificcanny

I’m very new to concentrates! Golden Brown and glimmering in the light, this product looks like a tiny slab of shiny fudge. Waxxy candle like material so very easy to work with!🥳 Smell is pretty muted but I get a earthy hash smell. Taste is very similar to smell earthy but some creamy and nutty […]

Violator Budder-Chronic Farms

Really nice looking budder at first sight! Dark golden brown moist,sugary,waxy,looks like a little piece of delicious fudge. so easy to to work with,can easily handle without a mess and portion🥳. Smell is sweet and gassy with some citrus. Taste is subtle but im getting sweet berries with some gassy freshness. Slightly harsh, this one […]

Slurricane – WTFcannabis

Slurricane Premium budder rated as hybrid p A cross of Dosidos x Purple Punch A crumble of honey colored budder. Similar to the jet fuel in texture. A bit sandy a bit tacky. Easy to handle with the right tools Smell out the jar was a bit faint a bit funky once melted slightly creamy/nutty […]

Jet Fuel – Wtf Cannabis

Jet fuel budder  rated as Hybrid Sfv og x sour diesel A creamy amber colored crumbleish budder. A bit sandy slightly tacky. Easy to work with or scoop up when applying light pressure before. Did not have this strain often and i taught it was gonna be more gassy from the name ahah. A bit […]

Jet Fuel Budder – WTFCannabis (CG Extracts)

This texture is very similar to cold butter. It’s easy to work with and great for cold starts. The aroma is very earthy with some gassy dank undertones. This translates into a decent spicy, earthy, and gassy flavour. The burn is very clean leaving little residue but the smoke is a little harsh, leaving me […]

Bubba’s Gift Premium Budder – WTFCannabis (CG Extracts)

Great texture for cold starts, very easy to work with and not too sticky. The aroma is herbal and spicy with a sweet kush undertone. This translates nicely into a mostly herbal and kushy flavour with the spicy notes coming through very subtlety. The burn is impressively clean, leaving almost no residue. It also smokes […]

Chocolope Budder * Weed Mart Online * December

Strain – Chocolope Budder Smoke – it’s fairly smooth to the inhale without many issues of coughing off the hook. It has an earthy coffee like taste on both inhale and exhale. The smoke is fairly thick and the taste also comes through nicely mixed into a joint. Definitely one of the more flavor infested […]

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