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Apple Pie – Shades of Green

Dark amber in color, slightly moist, firm but becomes very malleable when agitated. Sweet apple terps with a definitive nuttiness lying underneath, not overly strong but definitely prevalent when mixed. Clean melt with the same sweet, apply nutty flavoring when you exhale. Uplifting mental high that gives you a rush of comfortable relaxation but alertness […]

Quantum Kush – CG Extracts -WTFCannabis

The texture of this budder has been one of my favorites to play around with and generally just use. One could easily mistake how this budder looks for flower rosin if you didnt know any better. It is extremely smooth and can easily be whipped if one so desired. The smells of this budder were […]

Star Killer – Green Supreme

Light amber in color with a flaky but malleable texture, easy to manipulate, no discernible liquid or residue. Strong herbal terps when you open the jar and are complimented with a very small amount of citrus and a slight bit of peppering when agitated. Clean melt with the same herbal flavoring but blended slightly with […]

Super Nuken Budder – Get Ganja Online

Light amber in color with a medium soft consistency, very easy to work with, very malleable. Sweet berry terps mixed with a small bit of an herbal undertone. Clean melt with the same sweet herbal berry flavoring when you exhale. Heavy indica high that puts you inside your own head making everything else around you […]

Skunkberry -CG Extracts- WTF Cannabis

On first look of the budder you’ll notice it’s light golden yellow tones and strong sweet gassy aroma. This budder is creamy but also crumbly at the same time. Extremely easy to work with and collect everything from the jar. The taste is similar to how it smells but with a strong sweet blueberry finished […]

Jamaican Dream – WTF Cannabis

Amber in color, slightly dampened with terps, soft but not melted, very easy to work with. Fruity almost tropical berry smell when you open the jar but with a light sourness. Clean melt with the same sweet candied berry flavoring when you exhale. Very head in the clouds high, hazy eyes, almost weightless above the […]

Black Dog – WTF Cannabis

Light amber in color, with a slightly thicker consistency but very easy to work with, very malleable. Rich berry/grape terps with a small amount of piney undertones, but mostly berries/grapes. Clean melt with a more balanced flavor of berries and sweet pine. Quick onset euphoria, giving you a nice glaze over your eyes, providing a […]

Apple Pie Budder-Shades of Green

The budder was incredibly dense and tacky with dark amber to brown colours. Snagging a dab was simple as it clumped together easily but had to put some effort into digging into the pile to collect it.  The consistency had a crusty exterior with a  a hard shell with a thick gummy interior. No perceivable […]

Sour Tangie Budder- Shades of Green

Another budder which had a muted nose which only became apparent as I agitated the budder. Had some sour orange notes as I whipped the product but again nothing comparable to the strain it is representing. Product did appear fresh with a wet sappy appearance; yet the consistency was denser than the initial look would […]

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