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Donkey Butter * Pacific Grass * October

Strain – Donkey Butter (Grease Monkey x Triple OG) by Enigms Extracts Smell – to go along with the name  found this to be a very unique smell that I could pick up a few different notes of a piney diesel with a nutty and cream scent to it Smoke – inhale was really smooth […]

Trunk Funk * Pacific Grass * October

Strain – Trunk Funk (White Tahoe Cookies x Do-Si-Dos) by Enigma Extracts Smell – ripping open the package I couldn’t wait to smell what this eye candy had for a nose on it. Very danky terpenes with immediate gassy diesel first hitting the nose, it also carried hints of sweet lemon Smoke – the taste […]

Strawberries and Cream * Pacific Grass * October

Strain – Strawberries & Cream (Strawberry Cough x The White) by Enigms Extracts Smell – I couldn’t wait to crack the bag open and take a smell, delicious fruity strawberry herbal nose. This strain not surprisingly had some nice dank terpenes Smoke – it has quite the pleasant smooth strawberry earth flavoring on the inhale […]

Frosted Fruit Cake – NattyRoots (Grown by 39green)

This flower is insanely gorgeous and truly lives up to the name with a jaw dropping terpene profile. I was extremely impressed right away and can never really seem to get enough. The nugs are fairly thick and chunky with a crazy snow white trichome coat. They also have a perfect consistency for joints with […]

Kimbo Kush – Prairie Extracts

These nugs are ridiculously caked with long trichome stalks and mostly milky heads all throughout. In certain spots the trichomes literally cover the flower to the point where you can’t see any green. The aroma is a sweet berry with a mix of citrus fruits and a strong dank earth in the background that really […]

Pine Tar(Enigma) – Pink Llama

Hand trimmed, glazed over amber and white trichs, slight fox tailing with a very small amount of sugar leaves and vibrant orange pistils. The prettiest version i’ve personally had of Enigma’s Pine Tar. Sweet earthy terps with a small amount of peppered citrus hiding in there as well. White ash with a very smooth earthy […]

Blue Dream – Prairie Extracts

While this is a strain that we’ve all had many times growing up, it’s my first time enjoying a craft representation of it. Bright green nugs full of sparkling trichome heads made a fantastic initial impression on me. While the trichome coat isn’t as dense as some new age strains, it’s still packed with well […]

Girl Scout Cookies – Primal Roots

Super impressed with the local scene lately! This stuff has a nice chunky bud structure with a unique mix of deep purples and both light and dark greens. The trichomes are almost completely intact making it look like this flower has never been touched. The heads are also a perfect mix of mostly cloudy with […]

Divine Gelato(Enigma) – Pink Llama

Frosted well over in amber trichs, neatly trimmed, dense, very small amount of purple and green sugar leaves and very short pistils. Very unique terps almost like a lemony lavender at first that shifts towards a doughy citrus when busted up. White ash with a nice blend of lemon/citrus and a desserty type flavor when […]

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