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Krazy Runtz – Mrnice_710

Even though these buds are very caked and have a great structure, visual appeal is probably the least impressive quality of this flower. While there are tons of intact trichome heads all over, there’s very minimal shine/sparkle when you shine a light on the buds which can give the impression of minimal heads. The nose […]

Zkittlez VVS- Nektr Extracts

Arrived once again in a clean shoulderless jar but unfortunately lost some sauce outside of the inner lid. What remsined were large diamonds with a thin translucent layer of pale-yellow sauce. Nice clean sharp sour scent intially hits the nostrils, followed but a mild fruity sweetness. Melt was incredibly clean with little to no residue […]

Platinum Rockstar Diamonds- Nektr Extracts

Arriving in a wide shoulderless jar, unfortunately with some of the sauce outside of lid itself. Rich orange sappy sauce that perfectly coated all the small to large diamonds. Smells were very clean with strong notes of spices, herbal notes and a mild minty/woody nose. Almost refreshing to take a whiff of. Found the diamonds […]

Orange Creamsicle Live Resin- Nektr Extracts

Visually stunning is the best way to describe this one. Extremely wet and runny yet packed with a healthy amount of microdiamonds throughout. Rich bright to burnt orange hue with the Terp sauce pooling in the jar as it’s leaned to one side. (Check out the video to see the fluidity I’m talking about). Sad […]

Gorilla Glue #4 – Greenstar Grows x fLVR TWN

By far the best Gorilla Glue I’ve had the chance to try. Very pungent flowers with a chunky nug structure that impresses right off the bat. There’s a nice mixture of light and dark greens that hide behind a thick and milky trichome layer. The heads are fully matured and largely intact which is always […]

Ak 47 – Farm to Jar

Ak 47 rated as Sativa Big to medium sized nugs flashing light greens with bright orange pistils and thickly frosted sugar leafs. Well handled and just insanely frosted just like everything this round.  Felt nice and well cured sticky with a nice snap to them. It smelled like a red fruit punch with a lot […]

Exodus Cheese – Farm To Jar

Exodus Cheese rated as Sativa Big size buds airy but hard to the touch. Again just shining with a dense layer of juicy heads all over the outside light green all over with darker touch on the sugar leafs. The smell is funky sharp and cheesy, sour. All transfers well to the taste a bit […]

Bbmac 2 – Farm To Jar

Bbmac 2  rated as Hybrid A cross of mac x Blackberry Big size chunky nugs. Litteraly covered in heads in and out. Could still peek at some bright greens and vibrant orangey pistils. Got a first look at some purple trichomes stalks and even whole trichome pretty stoked about that haha. This one had a […]

Chemdawg4 x OTM F2 – Farm to jar

Chemdawg x OTM F2 Indica hybrid Bright green chunky buds with the sugar leafs covering the precious resin heads. An insane ammount of healthy heads outside and same inside mostly shinny. Felt nice fresh sticky and perfectly handle you can feel the care and love that went into it. This one smelled nice and dank. […]

Donny Burger 🍔

Lineage: Han Solo Burgess x GMO Method Smoked : Joint *👀* The appearance of this strain wasn’t bad at all, there was some extra leafs that should of been chopped off for being “craft grade”. But other then that it was good. I got a mix of sizes from medium-small. The light green base color […]

Meat Breath Live Rosin – Slay on Solventless (Cleaner Meds)

Beautiful visual appeal with a very light clay like, almost white colour, and a strong dry clay texture. Couldn’t be any easier to work with. The nose is an amazing mix of diesel with a sweet vanilla pine overtone and a strong, deep meaty funk undertone. I never really thought meaty profiles would be my […]

Slurricane IX #7- Rootbase

Dense medium sized tapered nugs with a nice moisture level, providing a nice squish with a crackly exterior. Loved the look of this one with a crazy contrast between the dark purple to near black backgrounds with the crazily opaque white frosty resin coverage. Breaking it down made for an overly dark flower that looked […]

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