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Stardog Cartridge by Sauce House

Here we have a little puppy Stardog 100% live resin cartridge by Sauce House.  Woof!  It is stunning… beautiful consistency. Sweet floral terpenes on the inhale with a sweet musky earthiness & slight touch of gas ⛽ on the exhale. The tastes really do come through in the Verified hardware, and the performance is rockin’. […]

Zombie Kush by Green Hornet Buds (Enigma Extracts)

Zombie Kush is my #1 favorite Enigma cart, so when I saw it in flower form I had to grab it to compare. I present to you my Holiday joint! When I open the zip, a strong aroma of ripe fruity cannabis fills the air. I want to stick my head in the bag. I […]

Gorilla Glue #4 Diamonds – Greenstar Grows x fLVR TWN

These diamond formations are a bit on the smaller side but they’re still nice and chunky and lathered in terps. The bright gold colour along with the clarity in the translucent diamonds gives an amazing visual appeal. The aroma is extremely strong and pungent, there’s a dank and gassy slap to the face which is […]

Peach Crescendo #8- Rootbase

This one had some great bag appeal with longer tapered dense nugs possessing deep green backgrounds and darker black sugar leaves. The trichomes were so densely packed in some areas it appeared to give the buds a greasy appearance. Wild fiery reddish orange pistils were a welcome contrast to the duskier background colours.  The buds […]

Peach Crescendo #7- Rootbase

Long olive shaped buds with a few foxtails atop some light and dark green backgrounds. Likely the most impressive looking of the bunch for me being perfectly trimmed and possessing long complete trichomes that stood at attention on every nook and cranny of this bud. I can comfortably say with some of the buds the […]

Terple #1 (V2)-Rootbase

I’ve got to start this review off by saying the previous pheno hunt I was involved in for this strain; was likely one of the most enjoyable smoking experiences I had this year. Being able to try all the subtle nuances of the Terple strain was a joy as each one had its own unique […]

Peach Crescendo #5- Rootbase

Buds were slightly larger and much more compact and chunkier in comparison to the other phenotypes; yet again, carefully handled. Bright greens dominated the backgrounds with the odd forest green patches; plus, thin pale orange pistils. With the obvious thick coating of resin, the buds overall appeared light and whitewashed. A closer look revealed mainly […]

Peach Cresendo #2- Rootbase

Its obvious these buds were handled with the utmost care; packed snugly in individual jars which helped to protect the surprising number of intact heads on the exterior. Medium to small nicely cured buds with mossy green backgrounds alongside patches of forest greens. The buds were oval with some eye-catching foxtails plus winding deep orange […]

Zombie Bar (Caramel Apple Jacks)- Illuminati Infusions

This one provided me with some real nostalgia with Apple Jacks being the base for this bar. However as this one was a special “caramel” edition it was elevated to another level. The flavors leaned to the caramel side of things with some tart apple flavors kicking up the rear. This bar did have some […]

Zombie Bars- Dunkin- Illuminati Infusions

I’ve had the chance to try quite a few of these Zombie bars now but this one speaks to me the most. I’m a coffee fanatic and this one hits all the right notes. Strong coffee aromas come out of the bag the moment you open it with even bigger sweet coffee and slight caramel […]

Terp Juice (Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy)- Terp House

For the Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy, if you haven’t had the Baja Mountain dew; first you’re missing out; second you can expect it to have a candy-like lime flavor. It isn’t overly sweet and comes without the syrupy flavors of the original. Now, when mixed with the BRCC this adds an almost creamy appeal plus […]

Terp Juice (Strawberry)- Terp House

Taste-wise the Strawberry was delicious with some very mild sweet notes plus the flavors you’d expect with some mild strawberry/fruit flavors. I didn’t pick up on any bitterness or any cannabis aftertastes that lingered on the palette. This method worked for me as it wasn’t overly sweet and was fairly refreshing. If it wasn’t the […]

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