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Chocolope Haze Pre-Roll by flowerpwr – Budmail

My expectations are generally pretty low when it comes to pre-rolls. They tend to disappoint in one way or another. I must say, a new bar has been set for me. Pretty much everything about this pre-roll exceeded expectations. It was beautifully packaged in a tiny plastic tube with a descriptive label and cork seal. […]

Slymer – Osiris Estates

Absolutely gorgeous nugs, perfect bud structure and very frosty. The aroma is also amazing with a delicious piney-berry terpene profile and some creamy undertones. These flavors come through extremely well on a dry puff, with some added gassy terps. They also translate perfectly into the smoke which is very clean and smooth. However, I do […]

Astro Pink Lot #1704 (Pink Goo) – Flashbuds

Lot #1704 has got to be one of the most impressive offerings from Astro Pink. Upon opening the bag, you are met with medium to larged sized nugs that are dripping in full-headed trichs. Good cure out of the bag and well manicured buds. Super dense and sticky, the 14g looks a lot smaller than […]

GMO #2 x FPOG – Blue Hills

Saved the best for last in my Blue Hills pack and it did not disappoint! This bud is ludicrously sticking, making a loud snapping sound as I separated it from the bag. It has a big and beautiful bud structure with a nice density and is absolutely glistening with trichomes. As first impressions suggested, I […]

Sour Patch Kids no. 2 – Blue Hills

The second of 2 SPK phenos I was lucky to try from a private grower. Crazy how two phenos from the same grower can look so different, this one is completely covered by thick orange pistils and is comparatively fluffier. Underneath the pistils is a rich colour palette of greens and purples with trichomes all […]

Sour Patch Kids no. 1 – Blue Hills

Amazing bag appeal, this bud has a powerful sour fruit aroma and came stuck together with the rest of the bag. Sticky to handle with some beautiful shades and dark orange pistils, ground up to reveal a very fragrant sweet scent. Burned near white with a decent amount of grease on the joint and had […]

Pink Star by Pharaoh’s Reserve – Flashbuds

The packaging on these Pharaoh’s Reserve bags is on point. Had to cop the Pink Star as soon as I saw it. Was initially disappointed when opening the bag. The buds were all smalls and a few looked a little scraggly. The larger sized nugs were will trimmed and looked beautiful though. Dense, sticky, well […]

Greasy Pink by Pharaoh Farms – Flashbuds

If anything is on point here, it is the packaging. I found it very appealing and the description on the back was accurate for the most part. Not so sure about the terp breakdown chart but it definitely makes the packaging look cooler. As far as the actual bud goes, a few nugs looked fairly […]

Slymer #2 – Blue Hills

The entire oz came out of the bag in one piece, not compressed, stuck together. Came apart easily with very resinous, sticky buds. Blasted in the face with lime terpenes immediately after opening. Ash is pretty much non existent in my bong and what’s left is white, effortless smoking with lime flavoring that you can […]

Gelato by Astro XO (Lot #8680) – Flashbuds

One of my favorite batches of Astro XO of all time but also one of the most disappointing. I love the smoke on these buds, but a lot of these bags are scraggly smalls/borderline shake. Bag appeal aside, nose on these bags is insane. Insanely pungent orange creamsicle scent that stinks up the whole room. […]

Lindsay OG – Pink Llama

Dank, potent, this version is a smooth smoke with a big kick. The flavour is pungent, diesel will over take the room when ground, the smoke has a nice earthy finish that stays in your mouth for a while. Experienced smokers will find this a couch lock, heavy gas strain.  Good for nausea, appetite loss, […]

Pine Tar by Sacred Gardens – Pink Llama

Bright green with a skunky peppery aroma, Pine Tar Kush is Indica through and through.  Rich Kush flavour with a sweet finish, this smooth smoke will leave you calm and euphoric.  Good strain to have a chat on. Pine Tar is good for pain, hunger, and insomnia.  Heavy enough to put you to sleep, this is a […]

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