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Cookies n Creme GSC – Bosstalgia

Every so often I come across something unique in my search for the next thing to get me high, and this was one that made my mouth water. Everything from the look of it, the name, the description, were just screaming tasteville to me, and it was right. Its name refers to the fact that […]

MK Ultra Budder “Cookies” & Terp Sauce “Cream” – Bosstalgia

Another fun part about ordering from Bosstalgia is this ability to upgrade your “cookies” into a “cookies and cream” which is when terp sauce is added to the budder and is basically absorbed into it.   This was everything that I enjoyed about the “Cookies” itself but turned up an extra notch, and for the […]

Chemfire Budder “Cookies” – Bosstalgia

So a bit of a change of pace for me as I normally don’t bother with reviewing my dabs but with all this whole “stay inside” happening, one starts to venture.   The reason I decided on going the route of budder/wax was that in the past I had very much enjoyed that particular style […]

Cookies & Cream – Bosstalgia

This batch was a 50/50 mix of Nuken budder and Skywalker diamond sauce. It came sealed in a dark jar. The nose is sweet mint, diesel and skunk. It is a honeycomb cookie texture that is soft, moist and sticky. When scooping it brakes up into little crumbs. The smoke was smooth, sweet and clean […]

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