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Budget Strain – Black Glove

Budget Ounce from Black Glove Visual: The colour was a light army green. It had a bit of crystal coverage and the buds were very dense. Nose: The nose was very light and it was a sour citrus. Cut/Roll/Grind: It was very easy to grind and to cut up. The moisture level was pretty good. It was the […]

Fire Shake – Black Glove

Fire Shake from Black Glove This Fire Shake had a pungent nose to it. It had a lot of different profiles like piney and earthy and musky and a bit of citrus. It tastes a bit like shake but there was a bit of a buzz to it. It would be good for making edibles. […]

Jet Fuel – Black Glove

  Jet Fuel from Black Glove Visual: Beautiful Buds! They were very dark and frosty! There was some green peaking out of the purple leaves that covered this bud. There were tons of sparkly crystal all over and throughout and it had patches of dark brown hairs. It was very dense. Nose: The nose was mainly herbal […]

Miracle Alien Cookies – Black Glove

Miracle Alien Cookies from Black Glove Visual: This one was pretty fuzzy looking. There was lots of fat, fuzzy crystal all over and it had lots of different colours. It had bright greens, dark greens and some purples. It had very nice visuals. It was very dense. Nose: The nose was light and earthy. There […]

Super Pink – Black Glove

Super Pink from Black Glove Visual: This Super Pink had that typical pink look to it. The crystals were small and compact and it had some dark green/black leaves to give it a bit of a greasy look. The colour was a basic green except for the dark leaves and the little patched of brown hairs. […]

Black Diamond – Black Glove

Black Diamond from Black Glove Visual: The colour was a dark green but not the really dark green/black that I am familiar with for a Black diamond. It was more squishier rather than a still crystallized structure. It had a good amount of crystals all over and throughout. It was very dense but I could still […]

Purple Drank Breath- Black Glove TO

A near perfect trim on tightly packed nugs with backgrounds of lime greens and dark purple; plus, some fat rich orange pistils. The buds themselves were the epitome of a dense nug with absolutely no give when trying to compress between my fingers. Basically, felt like a rock.  Mind boggling visuals as the vivid backgrounds […]

Black Gas- BlackGlove TO

Tightly packed small spherical to spherical and tapered nugs with an array of greens, some dark purple specks and short fat bright orange pistils. Perfect trim with an obviously sugared exterior producing a greasy type appearance. Upon closer inspection the tightly packed heads were clear and cloudy. The smells coming off were pungent; emanating from […]

Budget Strain- BlackGlove TO

The actual strain is not noted on the bag but after perusing the website I would likely pin it down to their Blue Dream which was listed in their budget category. The buds themselves appeared fairly oxidized with faded brownish backgrounds overpowering the mild light green hues. The buds were however medium sized, dense and […]

Miracle Alien Cookies (MAC)- BlackGlove TO

Long oblong shaped buds that were neatly trimmed, dense to the touch and arrived with a near perfect cure. It is easy to see that the strain has an almost ludicrous amount of resin coverage, making the bright green backgrounds and streaks of rich purple hues fight to make an appearance. The appearance was only […]

Fire Shake- BlackGlove TO

This would be the first time I’ve reviewed shake before so bear with me. . The product had a fair amount of sugar leaf with some miniature buds (smaller than popcorn) but there were also a small number of stems found throughout the half. Fresh feeling the green and light purple shake had a decent […]

Black Diamond- BlackGlove TO

Medium sized solidly packed oval to spade shaped nugs with a near perfect trim and sugary exterior. The light and dark green backgrounds had an almost dusty appearance due to the thick resin coverage. Under a macro lens the trichomes were mainly seen as short stalks with clear, cloudy and amber heads. The smells coming […]

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