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Cola Gummies- Black Rabbit

Clean looking packaging with clear labeling indicating the 6 bottles had 30mg each: making the bag a grand total of 180mgs. The heat-sealed bag kept the contents in good condition as they were separate from each other with evenly distributed sugar coating. There were very minor sticky/wet areas on the backs of each gummies; but […]

MKU- Black Rabbit

Multiple sizes of buds ranging from large to popcorn with a nice trim and significantly dense buds. Found the strain arrived rather fresh feeling sticky, pliable, and soft without the typical crisp exterior. A couple days of burping seemed to bring the moisture level to a more desirable level. Multitudes of colours including deep and […]

Wedding Crasher 2.0 – @follow.blackrabbit

Wedding Crashers 2.0 Rated as AAAA+ Big to medium size nugs. A light green base turning purple on the tips with vibrant orangey pistils. Has that milky fuzzy coating on the outside a couple of headless stalks but still looked very well handled overall. Got super milky on the inside milky heads on milky stalks. […]

Fizzy Colas – @follow.blackrabbit

Faded edible Colas 6 x 30mg Just like the classic colas from the candy stores super tasty. Not too sweet soft and chewy almost foaming like the fizz candies. It had just a light distillate like aftertaste that lingers a bit after subtle for the potency. Id say this was some of the tastiest gummies […]

Mota Sour Watermelon – @follow.blackrabbit

Mota Sour Watermelon Chewy little watermelon spices with a light coating of sugar super nice in texture with a nice treat really sweet.  First time trying those types of candy they had a lot of sugar 25g / 52g total not the best macros but it countered the really present distillate taste à bit surprising […]

Ice age – @follow.blackrabbit

Ice age rated as Hybrid AAAA+ A cross of Ice cap x L.A Confidential Cracking the seal of the jar and right away i could see how fresh and unbothered these buds looked. Healthy heads all over could see them without any macro lense,  looked like it had been cured then carefully stuffed in there […]

Mandalorian – @follow.blackrabbit

Mandalorian Rated as Hybrid AAAA+ In house Genetics from Blackrabbit. Big and colorful nugs, mostly bright purple everywhere with hues of light green on some small sugar leafs mainly the veins when busted open and super bright firey pistils. Looked super coated with a decent ammount of healty heads showing on the outside just a […]

Death Cookies – @followblackRabbit

Death Cookies rated as AAAA + A cross of Death Star x Girl Scout Cookie Medium in sized and pretty chunky nugs. Firm but not hard to the touch with hints of dark/light green and intense purple hues all over just shining thru an insanely dense and healty layer of trichomes on the outside. The […]

Wedding Crasher 2.0 – Black Rabbit – February 2021

Upon unscrewing the small artsy glass jar this gorgeous flower came in I received a dank aroma of sweet fruity earthy diesel. The buds were just absolutely caked right out in trichomes with a bit of purple hueing. This flower has a hard dense structure with the ever slightest spongeyness to the buds. Had magnificent […]

Death Cookies – Black Rabbit – February 2021

Having a heavy coating of trichomes making it appear a beautiful milky light green with purple hueing. When the buds are busted open there is a lot of gorgeous purple throughout. Manicured decently well only having a bit of leafage, while the cure is on point being pretty well perfect. Buds have a rock hard […]

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