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Banana Milkshake OG – BC Medi Chronic

Banana Milkshake OG from BC Medi Chronic Visual: They were some compact looking buds and they were. There was lots of the tight compact crystal all over and when I opened it up the crystals were quite a bit bigger. It was a light army green with some creamy colours to it. Nose: The nose was very […]

Pre 98 Bubba – BC Medi Chronic

Pre 98 Bubba from BC Medi Chronic Visual: The colour was mainly a dark green. It had the small compact crystals but lots of them and the buds were dense and compact. There were lots of patches of brown hairs all over. Nose: The nose was sweet woody and earthy smell and it was quite pungent. Cut/Roll/Grind: The […]

Red Congolese – BC Medi Chronic

Red Congolese from BC Medi Chronic Visual: There were lots of red hairs all over. Not a lot of crystal but that is what I have experienced with this strain. It was very squishy and fresh! Nose: It smelled very woody and earthy with a bit of sweetness It was very nice and typical to the strain. […]

Gelato – BC Medi Chronic

Gelato from BC Medi Chronic Visual: The visual on this Gelato was pretty funky. It was quite dark and frosty overall. It looks like a heavy Indica and it hits like an Indica but it is a balanced hybrid. It was very dense and it had a good moisture level to it. Nose: There was a big […]

Death Tuna – BC Medi Chronic

Death Tuna from BC Medi Chronic Visual: This Death Tuna had that classic skunk look to it. It was a little bit leafy with small compact sugary crystals and patches of red hairs all over. Once I opened it up the crystals were quite big. It was a bit dense, the moisture level was great and […]

Strawberry Cream – BC Medi Chronic

Strawberry Cream from BC Medi Chronic Visual: I was really impressed with the visuals on this one! It had a very nice structure and it had lots of fat sparkly crystal. It was a lighter green, but it also had a bit of a creamy colour to it. It was fairly squishy, and it had a […]

Death Tuna HCFSE(Elite) – BC Medi Chronic

Very large THCA crystals with a small amount light glazing in sauce. Sweet pine terps with a little bit of gas. Clean melt with the same sweet pine flavor on exhale although a bit muted. Heavy euphoric high comes on quickly delivering a very uplifting high paired with a medium level of sedation.

Critical Bubba – BC Medichronic

Very dense, glazed buds, coated in a mixture of amber and white trichomes and healthy pistils. Minimal glazed sugar leaves. The terps are a blend between skunky and earthy with a hint of herbal hiding underneath. Salt and pepper ash with same skunky earthy flavoring on exhale. Heavy indica dom that quickly gives you a […]

Rockstar Bubba – BC Medichronic

Very dense, neatly trimmed buds, however slightly squished. Nicely coated in amber trichomes with healthy brown pistils and very minimal sugar leaves. At first the terps are spicy/skunky but there’s a bit of gas hiding in there as well. White ash with the same skunky gas flavoring when you exhale. Very heavy indica dom quickly […]

MKU Pre-roll – BC Medichronic

Neatly rolled, tightly packed. Sweet citrus smell when you open the container. Clean burn with a nice oil ring and a more woodsy flavoring coming through in the smoke. Nicely balanced hybrid that puts a nice glaze over your eyes paired with medium level sedation.

Red Congo – BC Medichronic

Very frosted, vividly bright buds with flailing pistils, healthy trichomes and minimal sugar leaves. It did however come a bit squished. Cheesy berry terpenes with a little bit of spice blended in to smell. White ash with the same musky berry flavoring coming through on exhale. Very uplifting high that puts a nice glaze over […]

Cherry Do Si Do — BC Medi Chronic

Beautiful vibrant buds, evenly dusted with sparkling trichomes and vivid bright orange pistils with a nice touch of dark purple throughout. Very muted nose, received as a part of BCMedi’s $20 sampler pack. It came in a single gram bag not heat sealed and spent a week in the mail to get here; ‘note:No fault […]

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