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G13 – BCMediChronic

Stout buds with a thick frosting of partially ambered trichomes. Medium density, somewhat sticky and trimmed acceptably. They provide a funky dank scent – it’s piney with medium pops of lemon citrus. Breaking open the bud amplifies this scent and reveals an abundance of sticky glistening trichomes. Smoked in a joint this was a pleasure. […]

Death Tuna HCFSE(Elite) – BC Medi Chronic

Very large THCA crystals with a small amount light glazing in sauce. Sweet pine terps with a little bit of gas. Clean melt with the same sweet pine flavor on exhale although a bit muted. Heavy euphoric high comes on quickly delivering a very uplifting high paired with a medium level of sedation.

Critical Bubba – BC Medichronic

Very dense, glazed buds, coated in a mixture of amber and white trichomes and healthy pistils. Minimal glazed sugar leaves. The terps are a blend between skunky and earthy with a hint of herbal hiding underneath. Salt and pepper ash with same skunky earthy flavoring on exhale. Heavy indica dom that quickly gives you a […]

Rockstar Bubba – BC Medichronic

Very dense, neatly trimmed buds, however slightly squished. Nicely coated in amber trichomes with healthy brown pistils and very minimal sugar leaves. At first the terps are spicy/skunky but there’s a bit of gas hiding in there as well. White ash with the same skunky gas flavoring when you exhale. Very heavy indica dom quickly […]

MKU Pre-roll – BC Medichronic

Neatly rolled, tightly packed. Sweet citrus smell when you open the container. Clean burn with a nice oil ring and a more woodsy flavoring coming through in the smoke. Nicely balanced hybrid that puts a nice glaze over your eyes paired with medium level sedation.

Red Congo – BC Medichronic

Very frosted, vividly bright buds with flailing pistils, healthy trichomes and minimal sugar leaves. It did however come a bit squished. Cheesy berry terpenes with a little bit of spice blended in to smell. White ash with the same musky berry flavoring coming through on exhale. Very uplifting high that puts a nice glaze over […]

Cherry Do Si Do — BC Medi Chronic

Beautiful vibrant buds, evenly dusted with sparkling trichomes and vivid bright orange pistils with a nice touch of dark purple throughout. Very muted nose, received as a part of BCMedi’s $20 sampler pack. It came in a single gram bag not heat sealed and spent a week in the mail to get here; ‘note:No fault […]

Crazy Glue –BC Medi Chronic

Spicy, herbal, with a slight scent that reminded me of tea. Bud was kind of dry, but this is partially my fault I didn’t get to it in time, so keep that in mind in regards to smell and taste, I’m sure a fresh batch will be a little better. Sweet and slightly fruity smell […]

Cherry Dosidos- BC Medi Chronic

Described as a cross between both Phantom Cookies (Cherry Pheno) and Dosidos. Upon opening the bag, I was immediately met with a crystal encrusted 1oz brick of sticky buds. Nugs were medium to large size with bright green backgrounds, visible trichome heads and rust colored pistils. There were also small rich purple sugar leaves that […]

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