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Pura Breath- AC Medical

First time with this strain and the smell out of the bag leans heavily to its Mendo Breath heritage. As it unleashed sour, herbal and mild citrus notes that were all overpowered by a strong funk on the tail end. It also did tend to have a bit of doughy undertones. Buds were long and […]

Peanut Butter Breath – AC Medical Shop – January 2021

These gorgeous buds are heavily caked out in trichomes giving it a stunning milky purple green appearance. These buds are like artwork, almost making me not want to smoke them. Hand trimmed expectionally and cured to absolute perfection. The buds were of a medium to large size while being near rock hard in density. The […]

Pineapple Express – AC Medical Shop – January 2021

This gorgeously caked flower has a light green milky color. Upon cracking the jar I was smacked with a sweet pungnent fruity lime aroma. The trim is perfect being hand trimmed with not a leaf in sight. Cured to perfection as well, nearly rolls itself in a joint it busts up so expectional. These lovely […]

Peanut Butter Breath- AC Medical

Incredibly dark purple buds provided the perfect backdrop for the milky resin coverage and the stocky rich orange pistils to really stand out. Long finger-like bud was nicely dense with a crusty shell and sticky interior making the fingers tacky relatively quickly. A close look at the trichomes revealed long milky white stalks with amber […]

Pura Breath – AC Medical Shop – January 2021

This beautiful flower is hand trimmed to perfection and busts up quite nicely seeming to be cured properly. Has a heavy coating of trichomes making it appear a milky light green with purple hues. The aroma is of a very unique loud succulent sour creamyness, it’s hard to explain. When smoked I received a dank […]

Tuna Kush- AC Medical

Fat and stocky obviously hand trimmed nug that was as dense as they come. Beautiful moisture level made for a crackly exterior with an insanely sticky and caked interior. A wide range of greens, dark blues/purples and thin burnt orange pistils; plastered with a thick layer of resin made for another wildly appealing strain. Under […]

Quadstar – AC Medical – January 2021

This beautiful gorgeously coated in trichomes bud is called Quadstar. It’s just gleaming in trichomes with a meaty bud structure that is very dense, rock hard like. The trim is phemonable looking hand trimmed with not a leaf insight, the cure is perfect aswell. Has a beautiful purple hueing and a milky green coloring to […]

Red Congo (Popcorn)-AC Medical

For popcorn I was pleasantly surprised with the size, trim, and moisture level of the buds. Found the semi-dense nugs to have a crisp exterior with a sticky interior. The visuals were really vibrant as bright lime greens provided the background for the wild and winding rich orange pistils. The smell was also another positive; […]

Red Congo (Popcorn) – AC Medical Shop – January 2021

These small delectable buds are just caked in trichomes and gleaming with them. The appearance is of a light minty green with some beautiful purple hueing and fire orange hairs. The trim is perfect with not a leaf in sight and the cure is decent, just a tad dry. Aroma admiting from these lovely dense […]

Tuna Kush – AC Medical Shop – January 2021

This beautfiul meaty flower is called Tuna Kush. The buds are manicured perfect and cured perfect, seems hand trimmed. These are meaty and very dense buds with the ever slightest spongeyness to them. The aroma is of dank pungent gassyness. While smoking I was greeted with nice gassy kush taste. When smoked in a joint […]

Forbidden Fruit (Popcorn)- AC Medical

Had the opportunity to try the same strain in popcorn version. Nice and dense with a deep rich purple that were more prominent then in the full-sized buds. Moisture levels also appeared on par with a crusty exterior and sticky interior. Compared to the full sized buds; the popcorn did have a bit more leaf […]

Forbidden Fruit- AC Medical

Large stocky bud was near perfectly trimmed bud with some serious density to boot; the moisture level was also fantastic producing a nice clean snap as you broke off portions of the nug. The exterior sparkled with a thick blanket of resin that seemed to make it glisten in the light; giving it a sugary […]

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