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Wedding Crasher Shatter- _ForeverGreener (Drip Extracts)

Shatter arrived in a mylar sleeve as a one large piece of vibrant golden hued product that had a wet appearance; with some areas of the product obviously buddering. The consistency of the product was sticky or tacky to the touch and pulled apart easily without any obvious snap. The smells were not all that […]

Congo Haze HTHCHPE Rind- _ForeverGreener (West Coast Collective x Poncho Farms)

This beautiful extract arrived in a shallow shoulderless jar with some of the cleanest looking visuals I’ve seen on a concentrate. Clear golden hues lit up the semi-translucent sauce that crawled up the edges of the jar. The sauce itself when looked at closely had an immeasurable number of microdiamonds with a few smaller diamonds […]

White Fire (WIFI) 43-_ ForeverGreener

Long tapered medium sized and ludicrously greasy buds presented with backgrounds of olive, and dark greens with some patches of dark purples. Bag appeal is only elevated due to the frosty exterior making the entire bud appear whitewashed. A closer look shows off the densely packed clear and cloudy heads. Smell emanating from the bag […]

Divine Gelato- _ForeverGreener

A healthy balance of bright greens and deep purples amongst long winding bright orange pistils; make this strain hard to look away from. Medium sized tapered nugs arrived with a nice cure; slightly brittle on the outside and with a semi-sticky interior. Smells caught my attention quickly with a complex blend of sweet fruit and […]

Purple Pugs Breath-_ForeverGreener

A cross between Pugsbreath x Mendo Montage F3. The entirety of the eight arrived as one chunky oval nug with a near perfect trim. Bright minty greens, rich pinkish purples and bright orange to yellow pistils made for a unique visual appeal. The overly resinous exterior also helped to make this strain easy on the […]

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