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Super Silver Haze – Cumulous Carts

Dark amber in color, free flowing but thick enough that it takes a while for it to settle to one side at room temperature. Peppered floral terps immediately when you exhale with a very slight amount of citrus blending in as the flavoring settles. Hazy, uplifting, energetic high that puts your head in the clouds […]

Kandy Kush HCFSE- Coast Terra BC (Arcana Extractions)

Rich yellow coloured microdiamonds collected into several small circular balls at the bottom of the jar. The diamonds likely gathered in this way due to the sappy sauce that coated them. The smells coming from the jar were clear and pungent with prominent notes of pine followed by undertones of sweet earth. Gathering the product […]

Island Super Skunk – Shades of Green

Wild and gnarly looking buds, slight foxtailing, dusted over in amber trichs, slight amount of frosted sugar leaves with amber pistils strewn throughout. Earthy skunky terps blended together with a bit of peppered gas. White ash with the flavor shifting to a more peppered earth with a small amount of a skunky hash like flavoring […]

Double Death OG * Tfcannabis * September

Strain – Double Death OG (SFV OG x Big Bud Afgoo) Mom – Tegridy Farms Smell – the smell is quite reminiscent of a sweet death bubba, sour smelling, with hints of sweet lemon existing amongst all the gas  coming off these buds Smoke – fairly smooth smoking stuff surprisingly, I was expecting it to […]

Apple Pie – Shades of Green

Dark amber in color, slightly moist, firm but becomes very malleable when agitated. Sweet apple terps with a definitive nuttiness lying underneath, not overly strong but definitely prevalent when mixed. Clean melt with the same sweet, apply nutty flavoring when you exhale. Uplifting mental high that gives you a rush of comfortable relaxation but alertness […]

Pink Bubba HTFSE Cartridge- Coast Terra BC (Arcana Extractions)

One of the most enjoyable cartridges I’ve had the pleasure of trying. Much less viscous then others I’ve tried in the past with the golden hued liquid moving almost immediately as I manipulated the cartridge. The flavors coming from this were potent gas on inhale with a strong addition of floral and sweet notes on […]

Divorce Cake * Tfcannabis * September

Strain – Divorce Cake (White Widow x Wedding Cake) Mom – Tegridy Farms Smell – sweet smelling nose, with subtle hints of vanilla mixed with a floral perfumy scent almost like a pink kush smell Smoke – burned nice and consistent for an entire session, light grey ash paired with a slight oil ring. More […]

Comatose OG – Shades of Green

Nicely balanced mixture of sauce and thca crystals, amber sauce, very easy to work with. Sour citrus terps with a small amount of pine lying underneath. Clean melt with the flavor at first being the sour candy citrus flavoring then blending with the pine as time goes on. Very heavy high hitting you right behind […]

Super Jack Haze – Shades of Green

Dense buds, neatly trimmed covered in a dusting of clear and ambering trichs, thick flailing pistils light orange in color and a small amount of frosted sugar leaves. Fruity pine terps with a very slight amount of peppering lying underneath. Mostly white ash with a slight bit of peppering and the flavor at first being […]

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