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Tom Ford Island Pink – BeeVoke

Tom Ford Island Pink From BeeVoke Visual: It was one big beautiful bud! It looked very dank and greasy! It had a base of light greens and bright greens matted with dark grey/purple leaves and orange/brown hairs. It had lots of sparkly crystal all over and it was very dense. Nose: The nose was very gassy and […]

White Runts Shatter-Tfcannabis

Really nice looking product at first sight. Shatter is almost completely clear and translucent. Pull and snap consistency,really easy to work with at room temperature. Smell is subtle but when handling and softening i get some sweet diesel and floral notes. Taste is excellent! Super lemony grape with some diesel that lingers long after smoking […]

Pink Maiden Oj Shatter Infused Blunt-Tfcannabis

First time trying one of these shatter blunts. Looks great at first sight. Tight and well rolled in what i think is a palm paper/blunt. When dry puffed i get strong sweet gas. Amazing taste and very potent im getting that in your face diesel gas but some sweetness in the background. Very smooth resinous […]

Blue Heron – Boxedbuds

Blue Heron rated as AA-AAA Hybrid Indica Dominant  A cross of : Huckleberry x Blue Magoo Small to medium nugs, rather fresh not crazy dense but id say plumpy. A wide range of colors on the outside from from dark to bright green hues and purple leafs with a decent trim for something in this […]

Butterscotch Breath – HighGarden

Butterscotch Breath A cross of  Mendo Breath x a Cookie family strain The whole 8th came in as one big nug. Bright green coated with milky headless trichomes. But super milky and full of heads on the inside couple ambers too. Great trim but a couple of dead pistills and a bit on the dryer […]

Platinum Kush Breath- The Forest

This strain was the winner in the visual department from the strains I received. Arriving with an overall soft colour palette including fat light peach trichomes, faded green backgrounds with small patches of whitewashed purples. The thick matting of trichomes seemed to fill every crevice making the buds look uniformly caked. A closer peek revealed […]

Lebanese Hash – Highgarden

Lebanese Hash Super dense and firm in texture. With a dark brown color almost turning red. Sandy a bit tacky on the fingers. Smell was mostly earthy spicy. Same for the smoke slightly peppery a bit harsh too. No melt but burned slow steady and left a gray ash. The effects are a mellow and […]

G-WIZ – Order Weed Online

G-WIZ From Order Weed Online Visual: I liked the look of this G-Wiz. It had a darkness to it that came from the dark forest green leaves and it had contrasting orange/brown hairs all over. There was lots of beautiful sparkly crystal and the buds were very dense. Nose: The nose was mainly a sweet pine with […]

Lebanese Hash — High Garden

Came packed in a nice little square, approximately 1cm in size. Dark brown, with some lighter brown colours throughout. Dense and kind of hard until smaller pieces are broken off, then it gets softer and easier to work with. The smell isn’t overwhelming, but is definitely earthy with some slight citrus notes to follow. It […]

Gelato Cookie – Private ACMPR

Gelato Cookie rated as AAAA Hybrid Indica dominant. A cross from : Thin Mint Cookies x Sunset Sherbert. Smallish arrowhead shaped nuggets with a decent trichomes coverage. Bright green with hints of dark forest and a little purple hues. A couple headless stalks here and there on the exterior it was on the dry side. […]

Nuken – Boxedbuds

Nuken rated a indica A cross of kish x God bud The nug where small to medium relatively dense but still plumpy. A decent trichomes coverages milky and lots of really amber heads too. It was a bit leafy expected with the rating. But surprisingly sticky once busted open. The smell was  sweet piney, earthy […]

G-Whiz- The Forest

Small tightly structed buds with a trichome coverage that gives it a slightly greasy appearance in certain areas. Wonderfully dark shades of purple alongside light and deep forest greens plus fat rich orange pistils make for some eye-catching visuals. A close look shows very short stalked trichomes that are tightly arranged with mainly clear and […]

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