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Terple #5- Rootbase

This phenotype was the one I was most excited for initially at the time of the unboxing. Deep dark purple backgrounds without any noticeable green.  The only other colours present were the fat fluorescent orange pistils and the thick coating of trichomes provided a white sugared texture. The trichomes were unique (only one I’ve seen […]

Dutch Treat FSE Cartridge – Cumulus Carts

The terpene profile on this cart is extremely unique and nothing short of amazing. The homie truly did some outstanding work. I find this strain hits a lot stronger at a medium voltage around 3.2V rather than a low 2.4-2.6V, although you will lose a bit of the flavour. There are no clogging issues at […]

Dosi Dos – The Herb Centre

Slightly cubed from compression and a little bit dry on the outside. Smaller sized buds with undamaged trichomes on the sides that aren’t flat and healthy brown pistils. Spicy pine terps with a definitive sweetness lying underneath the initial scent. White ash with a spicy, nutty pine flavor when you exhale with a subtle sweetness […]

Northern Lights Caviar – Westcoast Releaf

A sugary clump of amber diamonds which vary in darkness. It has a pleasant medium strength aroma of sweet skunk and pine. Its dry sugary texture makes for easy handling. When dabbed this is surprisingly smooth and moderately tasty. A strong, deep skunky flavour with a slight citrus tang. Very little irritation to nose and […]

Lambs Breath – The Herb Centre

Slightly squished but not in terrible overall condition. Thick pistils emerging through a small amount of frosted sugar leaves and a healthy mix of ambering and white trichomes. Herbal citrus terps with a very small undertone of some earthiness. Salt and pepper ash with the same herbally citrus flavoring when you exhale. Sativa dom hybrid […]

Hawaiian Punch – QuarterQuads

These dense nugs could use a better trim as there is extra leaves.The colour is a dark green with really light orange hairs. Trichomes are dark on the bud but their are a good amount of them. Aromas coming off this strain are lovley i get a tropical sweet smell with a pungent gas smell […]

Monster Cookies – The Herb Centre

Smaller buds, slightly squished on the sides and slightly dry on the outside, but in decent condition overall, with nice trich coverage and healthy pistils. Sweet grape terps enriched with a bit of berries as well. White ash with same earthy berry flavoring when you exhale. Indica dom hybrid that at first hits you behind […]

Terple #4- Rootbase

This one immediately caught my eye as the frostiest of the bunch. With the dark green and purple backgrounds fighting to reveal themselves through the almost excessive coating of resin. The intense contrast of the clear, cloudy and abundant amber trichomes appeared to create streams atop the murky backgrounds. The buds were dense olive shaped […]

MKU(Enigma) – Pink Llama

Neatly trimmed buds, glazed over with a combination amber and cloudy dense trichomes. Vivid orange pistils and a very small amount of glazed sugar leaves. Spicy earthy gas terps but at the same time there’s a noticeable sweetness as well. White ash with at first a sweet gas flavor that shifts to a spicy earthy […]

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