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Gelato 33- WTF Cannabis

Medium to smaller buds with some extra leaf left on atop the minty/dark green backgrounds alongside some touches of purple. Rusty orange to brown pistils that were short and thin were found crawling amongst the crevices. Moisture level was a touch on the dry side with it feeling pretty dry to the touch coming out […]

Blue Cherry MAC Rosin- (Squishlist) WTF Cannabis

Beautifully wet consistency with exterior being as wet as the interior. Light golden hues alongside darker amber streams throughout. Had a sticky, thick runny consistency I’d liken to honey, which was easy to manipulate and collect a dab. Aromas were present as soon as I opened the jar with heavy creamy scents with some sugary […]

Lemon MAC- WTF Cannabis

Visually, this had to  be the most stunning of the flower I tried from WTF this round (maybe ever); with the MAC genetics shining through. Absolutely caked from tip to stem with a copious amount of milky white stalked trichomes packed tightly together. Darker  greens, lighter greens and some slightly yellow tones tried to peer […]

Cookies and Cream- WTF Cannabis

Medium sized densely packed and heavily caked buds with whites, purples and light greens dominating the backgrounds. Some rich deep orange pistils also helped provide a nice contrast; making the buds pop. Buds were a touch on the dry side again with the nugs feeling somewhat brittle on the exterior. Trichs were somewhat lacking on […]

Blueberry FSE Cart- WTF Cannabis (Cumulus Carts)- June 2021

Had the ceramic cart arrive in a protective sleeve which is always nice. Initially the liquid was somewhat solidified. However,after a few minutes placed in my hand to warm up the product turned into the thick transparent liquid gold you see in the pics. No sugaring to speak of on this one. Found the flavors […]

King Louis XIII * The Bulk Guys * June

Strain – King Louis XIII Shatter Texture/Visual – this fancy sealed shatter conveniently came in parchment paper, inside a plastic case, all placed in a mylar. Still in its original form, not all shattered in pieces, but ready to be dismantled at your own convenience. Easily snapped off, and soft enough to re-shape for a […]

Coma – Order Weed Online

Coma (AAAA) from Order Weed Online Indica Dominant Hybrid Cross: OG Kush and another unknown strain Visual: They were nice sized buds that had a dank and greasy look to them. It had some dark greens and forest greens and some dark green/blacks. There was lots of sparkly crystal and patched of rusty orange hairs all over. […]

Sweet Tooth * The Bulk Guys * June

Strain – Sweet Tooth (Nepalse Indica x Afghani Indica x Hawaiin Sativa) Visual/Texture – small sized rounded nugs, texture spread between crispy, and spongy. Busting into the buds uncovering the fresher interiors, with a slight stickiness. Shaded by a lime green, with some dark emerald undertones. Thinner light orange pistils, some sugar leaf presence, and […]

Pina Colada Moon Rocks – Clean Green VIP

Pina Colada Moon Rocks from Clean Green VIP Made with AAAA Flower, organic cherry oil, AAAA Kief, and naturally derived terpenes. Visual: They were pretty crazy looking! Like fuzzy green Moon Rocks! When I opened them up I could see the flower on the inside and the gooey Cherry oil. The taste was very similar with […]

Delinquent OG * BC Cann Co * June

Strain – Delinquent OG (Flow x OG18) Visual/Texture – a variation of sizes ranging from smaller to medium, and all equally pleasant looking with their spade shaping, on top of the beautiful coloring being showcased. Crisp feeling exterior, slight sponginess when squeezed, having its fresh, stickiness trapped within the insides. Boasting an absolute vibrant purple […]

Fruit Flambe – Clean Green VIP

Fruit Flambe from Clean Green VIP 60% Indica Dominant Hybrid Cross: Durban Poison x OG Kush x an unknown third strain Visual: They were sm/med sized buds with small, compact crystal. It was bright green at the bottom and turning dark green/black towards the tops. It had lots of rusty orange hairs and they were very dense. […]

Pink Gelato – Bccannco – June 2021

These beautiful buds are heavily matted with trichomes. Having a near perfect trim job and a phenomenal cure. The buds have a pretty well rock hard density and more of an oval shape. The buds are just reeking of a super sweet gassy floral aroma.   Upon smoking I was greeted with a dank greasy […]

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