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Polynesian Thin Mint

Polynesian Thin Mint (Girl Scout Cookies x Face Off BX1) Grade: AAAA/Craft Price:$125 14g Company: Kootenay Botanicals Website: Growers: Oso Fuego Beautiful smelling and good looking herb at first sight and love the tin it came in very modern and takes product up another level! This is some very special herb and I don’t […]

Better Then Bubba

Better then Bubba Grade: AAA+ Price: $72/14g Company: Tegridy Farms Website: Sticky,moist,tight slightly spongy medium sized dark forest and lime green buds with a golden copper bleeding throughout! Small patches of short dark orange almost red hairs. Not a crazy amount of crystal on the outside but once broken open buds are coated in […]

Root Beer – Hillside Pharms

Root Beer (AAAA Organic) from Hillside Pharms 80% Indica Dominant Hybrid Cross: Jager X Humboldt Black Gold X GG4 Grower: Selkirk Farms Breeder: Selkirk Farms Nose: This Root Beer had a crazy candy gummy root beer nose to it! Wow! There was also a hint of a woody licorice and some sour fruit. It was very pungent. Stickiness/Moisture: The moisture […]

Mac – – Late October 2021

Mac is also known as Miracle Alien Cookies. The buds are heavily caked out in shimmering trichomes, giving it a milky green with hints of purple coloring. Trimmed expectional and cured the same. Buds are on the medium size, with a compact dense structure with a the ever slightest spongeyness to them. The aroma is […]

Pink Death AAAA(Not) – Elite Buds

First off the buds that make up my oz are mostly small with a few medium size ones. The smell is of dirty earth and a bit of gas. This was advertised as a quad….   When smoked it taste like earth and a bit of gassyness. It doesn’t leave a very pleasant aftertaste. Hurts […]

Funky Charms * Bud Cargo * October

Strain – Funky Charms (Grease Monkey x Rainbow Chip) Visual/Texture – some absolute gorgeous coloring on these spade shaped buds, and coming in smaller to medium size variety. The walls having a slight crispness to the touch, with a little amount of sponginess, cracking into the nugs opening up to the interior holding some freshness, […]

Project 4516 * Only Gas * November

Strain – Project 4516 #9 Vistual/Texture – the Project unravels by showcasing some absolutely stunning bag appeal, coming in a variety of medium to smaller spade shaped buds. Fairly dry feeling, with a crisp, snappable surface also retaining quite the sticky feel throughout. A strain that requires you to hunt out any signs of green […]

Honey Badger Live Resin

Company: Gizmocrafts Great looking live resin at first sight. Smell is nice I’m getting sweet and sour lemons.Texture is moist little diamonds like a wet sand and so easy to work with.Taste is is pure sweet and sour lemons and rolls like a wave over the palate and sits long after smoking. High is […]

Death OG – JJ Meds

Death OG from JJ Meds  Indica Dominant Hybrid Cross: Death Bubba x OG Kush Nose: The nose was quite pungent with lots of earthy pine and sweet brown sugar. There was also a bit of that Death funk and a hint of gas. Stickiness/Moisture: The moisture level was great, and it was a little sticky. Taste: The taste […]

Apple Fritter * Tegridy Farms * November

Strain – Apple Fritter (Sour Apples x Animal Cookies) Visual/Texture – spade shaping to the bud of medium sizing, holding a semi dense texture, minor sponginess, and a lighter crispness on the exterior. An even division of medium olive cut with a mossy green hue, and a healthy supply of lighter orangish brown colored pistils  […]

Whiskey Cookies – JJ Meds

Whiskey Cookies (AAAA-) from JJ Meds Indica Dominant Hybrid Grower: Cookies Grower Cross: Chocolate Vanilla Lover x White Cookies Nose: The nose was super funky! I loved it! It was sour with a spicy herbal kick and a cookies follow up. I also got a bit of a hops vibe from it too. Stickiness/Moisture: The moisture level was awesome, […]

Island El Chapo (11Weeks MMJ) – JJ Meds

Island El Chapo (AAAA) from JJ Meds Indica Dominant Hybrid Grower: 11 Weeks MMJ Nose: The nose was very piney with some gas and a hint of skunk. It got very pungent when I opened it up with more pine and gas especially. Stickiness/Moisture: The moisture level was awesome, and it was very sticky. Taste: All the smells came […]

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