It’s been awhile since I’ve had the chone of these rosin carts. This time around I went with Zurple Punch which is a cross between Zkittles and Purple Punch.  The cart rosin itself is a lot cleaner looking compared to the last one I had, and this clean look carried through into the taste. I’ve ever tried the strain before in flower form but have had some experience with its parents. The taste is dominated mostly by a zkittles profile with big sour and citrus flavors followed by some sweet and lightly floral undertones. I have minimal experience with rosin carts but the last time around it was easy to notice an oily slick taste lingering on my tongue, which was minor with the ZP.

Delivered full spectrum effects that initially had me with hazey eyes and a cerebral buzz that made it challenging to focus. This balanced out when a soothing body load hit 40 minutes in; making me enjoy the progressive calm euphoria. Potency wasn’t off the charts but provided some enjoyable effects I enjoy as a portable option.
There was a minor leaking issue that had me clearing the airway of oil that was present on arrival. Otherwise a solid experience function-wise.