Strain – Zombie OG (OG Kush x Blackberry)

Smell – you can for sure catch various whiffs of fruity, blackberry, gassy, and earthy aromas that this strain possesses. Not the loudest nose on this stuff but really pleasant smelling

Smoke – super clean burning with a white ash, while also sporting a greasy resin ring. The inhale flavor was an earthy berry diesel and the exhale was really musky earthiness. Really easy to take big deep hauls off a joint without any issues of coughing

High – good hitter and properly named, this strain is more for chilling out and just kicking back. You’re not going to want to accomplish much after puffing this stuff. Better for daytime when you don’t have much on the go or evening time sessions

Quality: lime and emerald green compact dense bud that is really cleanly trimmed up. These chunky nugs have a decent layer of amber trichomes, and plenty of brownish¬† orange pistils reaching all directions. I’ve had a few cuts of this strain and this is possibly my favorite to smoke so far