Zombie Kush is a hybrid blend of amnesia, bubba kush and lavander kush.

In the OZ i received about half what a lot of people would consider hand manicure premium tops where the other half of the bag was small, popcorn larfy buds. Most of the buds had hues of dark purple with green undertones, the popcorn buds were more lime green with dark green undertones. All the buds were extremely sticky and fresh when i received them. The sizing of the buds had no impact on the quality of smoke, salt and pepper ash that i didnt find harsh at all.

The flavor profile on this bud was spicy, piny gassy and had a sweet earthy finish. It reminded me very much of a typical kushy smoke. The smell was strong but not overpowering, mostly was a sweet floral gas.

The high was a powerful indica leaning hybrid with effects that took place almost immediately, perfect for bedtime and night use. Effects would leave you in a strong state of relaxation both psychically and mentally.