Zombie Kush is my #1 favorite Enigma cart, so when I saw it in flower form I had to grab it to compare. I present to you my Holiday joint!

When I open the zip, a strong aroma of ripe fruity cannabis fills the air. I want to stick my head in the bag. I am filled with utter excitement as this weed smells amazingly sweet and very similar to the cart taste.

The weed is quite sticky and full of bright orange hairs. I easily rolled this up in a joint, and it burned evenly with light salt & pepper ash. The inhale is smooth and initially sweet but presents a yummy sour aftertaste on the exhale.

The effects are just like the cart, a potent Indica high that instantly makes you happy and relaxed. With zero paranoia or anxiety, Zombie Kush turns everything into a good time and is a delicious treat for the holidays. Thank You Hornet Buds and Enigma Extracts!