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    MOM: BC Medichronic

Registration: Site account, No ID
Customer Service: Great CS getting back to me by email within an hour. Very responsive on discord as well with the whole process.

Strain: Zombie Kush
(Amnesia x Lavendar Kush) x Bubba Kush

Incentive for Review: I paid shipping for some samples.

Packaging: Vac Sealed box containing mylar bag, no issues. Quick shipping.

Bag Appeal:
Nice gram sample (little over) with nice beautiful structure.
Sticky, not dry at all, good cure and flush on this.
Scents of earth, pine, and sweetness – surprisingly strong nose from just one bud.

Salt and pepper ash, little harshness on a fat joint, nice oil ring with clean even burn.
A very pronounced musky taste that stays true to how it smelled.

Nice and potent hybrid effects up front, had me smiling right after smoking.
Led to a very nice and warm body relaxation, actually made me take a nap right after.

This is a great strain on the BCmedi menu and I can not find any faults with it.
I strongly recommend anyone to get this based on its unique flavour profile alone.
Does well in every category.