Appeal: Super plastered all over in trichomes. Having a milky teal green coloring, with beautiful foxtailing.

Density: Being of a rock hard density and being of a mainly medium size.

Smell: Zangy hetbal sweet mint with slight hues of cookie doughyness.

Cure/Trim: Both being fantastic, no complaints.

Taste: Tasting of a sweet minty herbal foralness and there was hints of spice and diesel. The smoke was incredibly smooth and rich.

Burn: Used original Raw papers to roll with, the burn was perfect being slow countinious and even the whole way through the joint. Had a white ash with just a tad of pepper. There was a nice bit of a grease ringer.

Potency: I found this to be a medium to high potency indica dominate hybrid.

High: Had me feeling a focused and europhic, with a creative vibe. I was at ease feeling and calm. It did not take long for a full body relaxation to take hold of me. I was not to couch locked to the point where I couldn’t get up.