Strain – White Zombie

Smell – it has a decent smell initially but cracking open the nugs open, it really exposes the terpenes hidden within. Smells of sweet pine fill the air, with distinct cedar notes coming through

Smoke – quite the smooth draws on both inhale and exhale, salt and pepper ash, and a shiny oil ring emerging early in the burn. The taste of sweet skunky pine is quite distinct when inhaling, and an earthy woody flavor follows while exhaling

High – a close to evenly balanced hybrid I find that you can light up this strain during the day without any major bumps in the gameplans. It seems to relieve pain, provide added focus, and leaves you in a nice euphoric state. Burn out was fairly minimal with only slight noticable fatigue

Quality: decently dense bud formations, with a crispy shell, emerald in color with forest green undertones, bright copper pistils stretching out and spread throughout, and a dusted layer of amber trichomes. Great price for a decent strain with an awesome name