Smell – this is a strain that has had a name in the marijuana industry for a good stretch of time with the quality only continuing upwards. This cut has a potent cheese aroma, that also ties sweet pine into the fragrance emitting from this White Widow

Smoke – the transition from smell to smoke is on point, with each inhale bring forth that pungent cheese flavor, and the sweet pine, where you get more of a deep woodiness while exhaling. Smooth to take in each hoot, ash a nice light grey color, and an oil ring that stayed for the entire journey

High – this is a (60/40) hybrid that brings a little more sativa to the party. You can turn to this stuff to carry you through a day, or turn a shitty one upside down. Both mood uplifting and energizing, you can continue functioning and competing what’s ahead of you without any major hindrance. I found it to take you to a euphoric state and leave you there for a solid duration, and no burnout to follow

Quality: this was easily the best cut of White Widow I’ve come across, with its stunning bud structures mostly of medium proportions. Minty coloring with olive green undertones, fairly spongy with a sticky resinous coating, light brownish orange pistils spread evenly throughout, and a frosty layer of shiny trichomes