Grown by Cleanermeds this hybrid is a cross between Bubba Kush x Black Russian. I was impressed by the colossal pungent drafts of earthy, sweet and gassy aromas springing from the bag upon opening. Perfectly cured bud with a satisfyingly sticky exterior making it difficult to handle without becoming glued to my fingers. The multitude of colors including deep purple and green buds help the vibrant reddish-orange pistils standout.

The taste carried through well in the smoke with dominant gassy notes on inhale, with the addition of sweet vanilla on exhale. Burned evenly and easily in a jay with a fluffy white ash finish. As advertised this strain is a heavy Indica highlighting its Bubba roots that starts with noticeable euphoric episodes. Later this strain kicks you right in the legs needing to find a nearby couch to lay down. Necessary to smoke this bud in the evening unless you’re fine laying horizontal mid-day.