Upon opening the jar, your nose is greeted with a nice familiar gassy kush smell, with some earthy-woody notes to follow.

In the jar sits a nice pile of soft, crumbly light brown concentrate, which really resembles fish eggs. Has the consistency of brown sugar, and falls apart real easy.
A delicate, steady hand is needed to keep this on your dabber.

After heating up my nail and taking my dab I didn’t get much taste. Thinking I’d burned it too hot, I decided to try it out in a quartz banger, doing a cold start. Now I had to do a couple test runs here to make sure it was me doing something wrong and not this delicious looking caviar.

Unfortunately, no matter what I tried I could barely get any flavor off these dabs. But here’s the thing, after all this testing to get the flavor down, I was rocked by the White Shark. Down and out. Usually I could handle three dabs back to back, this one led to a nap. White Shark OG, definitely hits hard, not much flavor; a hint of kushy gas, but definitely potent.