Fair sized buds, nice and dense, a little leafy, especially on the bigger buds. Smooth smoke on this one, clean burn with a tiny bit of gas left over on exhale. A nice familiar ‘kushy’ smell with some sweet earth or some kind of floral vanilla to follow. Reminds me of some ‘Wedding Cake’ I’ve smoked. After consumption, a wave of relaxation and calming effects came through, not overly potent but did get the job done. Good cure, buds were not dry in the slightest, even the leafy buds didnt really ‘crumble’, they kinda just pulled right out. Light grey ash and busted up to a nice big fluffy pile, super nice to roll with.

Nice and frosty, a little leafy other than that, solid smoke that didn’t make me cough which is a plus; some strains are worse than others for me personally, and this wasn’t one of them.