Strain – Wedding Crasher 2.0

Vistual/Texture – spade shaped buds, smaller to medium sized, decently dense, with a  sticky, fresh, sponginess to the squeeze, fluffing up nicely once ground. Dark forest green occupying a good portion of the structures, with light mossy shades. Fire orange pistils complimenting the nugs, and blanketed by a healthy thick layer of frosted snow white trichomes

Scent – the wonderful aroma shrouding this herb is quite potent, yet equally deliciously scented by its terpene profile. Taking in a dessert worthy fragrance of sweet vanilla, along with a subtle fruity blend, that is partnered up and fueled by a diesel gas nose, really meshing together quite boldly

Smoke – a lighter grey ash with small peppering intact, and interrupting the session with a greased up ring of resin. Thankfully that sweetened nose carrying over to the taste while puffing. Inhales consisting of that sweet vanilla, fruitiness, with a gassy diesel pairing, where on the exhale you’re hit by more of a spicy, woodiness, with a linger of sweetened flavoring remaining on the palate

High – Wedding Crasher 2.0 a hybrid (60/40) with a slight edge up on indica. Delivering a stone that doesn’t shy away from much with its ability to influence socialization, provide an enhanced energy, and leave you in a state of bliss. Having the ability to maintain focus and an overall elevated feeling flowing over you, the high eventually does wear over you, and finishes off with a more relaxing feeling washing down you. Working out as a great option to toke up day or evening, you’ll be left nice and toasted