Appearance 👀
The appearance of this strain was pretty great. The buds where medium in size and were pretty dense. The buds were light green in color with little brown hairs throughout the entire bud, and of course you can forget the frosty trichomes covering the entire bud.

Smell 👃🏼
The smell was out of this world I think, it wasn’t super strong but as you crack the buds in half you get punched in the face but a mix of a 3 smells i think. First you get hit with a spicy diesel smell but as you keep smelling i get a vanilla with little hints of a sweetness.

Taste/Burn 👅🔥
The taste was definitely one of my favorites now, as you inhale you get a sweet taste, but on the exhale was my favorite it was like a spicy vanilla, kinda like a ginger bread. Truly a great taste. The burn was clean and a nice little oil rig around it, with white ash of course.

High ☺ 💨
The high was definitely mostly straight sativa effects. As I finished the joint I could start to feel euphoric. I was smiling and talkative. I felt relaxed but was still able to get up and move around without feeling tired or drained. Definitely a nice day time strain to get your self going for the day.