Strain – Wedding Cake (Cherry Pie x Girl Scout Cookies)

Smell – it definitely has a strong earthy muskiness immediatly just taking a smell opening the mylar up. After grinding it up the nose had alot more of the GSC scent to it

Smoke – it has that cookie dough taste with a hint of fruit on the inhale and mostly earthy cream flavor on the exhale. Ash was salt and pepper with an oil ring from start to finish.

High – Its a heavy eye high, and nice head stone. Found it a good daytime smoke, good high with enough motivation to stay useful. Decent for pain relief, and I also had to hit the munchies shortly after blazing

Quality: Small and medium sized buds with light and medium green colors, orange pistils, decent triches but a little leafy. Nugs were quite dense with just a bit of squish, and busted up nice and fluffy