Strain – Wedding Cake (Cherry Pie x Girl Scout Cookies)

Smell – a nice sweet aroma coming off this strain. It definitely has a strong earthy kush muskiness immediatly just taking a smell opening the mylar up. After grinding it up the nose had alot more of a creamy cookie scent is alot more pronounced

Smoke – all the way to the end an oil ring took form after a couple puffs, with a salt & pepper medium grey ash. The translation from smell to taste brought a sour cookie dough taste with a hint of cherry on the inhale and the exhale moved on to a creamy earthiness

High – being a hybrid of slight indica dominance I found it heavy on eyes, and a nice head stone. It’s a good session choice for either daytime or to start off the evening, good high with enough motivation to stay useful. Decent for pain relief, and also munchie inducing

Quality: emerald and mint green shaded nugs with darker olive green leaves, bright copper pistils, and dusted in amber colored trichomes. Smaller to medium bud sizes with a fresh feel when squeezed together held in by a crispy feeling exterior