Tight,dense,sticky,moist and well cured dark forest and lime green with hints of purple throughout and a nice copper when broken open. Covered in thick patches of long scraggly bright orange hairs and covered in a thick(in places) white creamy colored crystal and completely caked in trichomes that make the bud appear super furry and glimmering in the light! Smell is very nice! I’m getting sweet creamy vanilla candy with small hits of gas in the background🥵! Taste is very nice! Sweet creamy and earthy berries with some sour with a nice sweetness that sits on and lingers on the palate. Resinous slow smooth burn with a small oil ring throughout joint(1g) with a salt and pepper ash. High is relaxing and slow moving! Feeling alert,happy/euphoric and starting to sink deep in my couch.

Excellent herb overall!! Tasted very nice all throughout smoking and has me pretty buzzed! I’d recommend this herb for night-time smoking or using as a sleep aid!