I saved the premium budder for the end since they were a few more dollars. I wanted to compare premium with the regular budder to see if there’s a difference. The only difference that I could notice was the smoothness. The regular budders are smooth but sometimes leave a dry throat after a couple of hits. With this budder it was smooth and clean vape so it did not leave my throat dry or irritated. The texture for this budder was like the other budders, easy to scoop up but can sometimes resemble a crumble texture.

The terpenes on this budder was sweet and had a lemon scent on the nose, when vaped it continued to be pungent with lemon. For premium budder I was expecting the potency to be a bit better but it was the same as the other budders. Overall this strain comes down to preference. it is still a good budder for the price so not to many complaints about this budder.