I had some expectations coming into this review as I typically really enjoy the overwhelming scent Watermelon Zkittlez typically delivers. This did not disappoint. Found the aromas that came blasting out of the jar were very reminiscent of the pungent sour citrus and sweet fruit smells you’d expect. The texture was slightly dryer then the other two options I tried but had the familiar clean cube shape and light brown colour. The appearance looked more so like wet grainy sugar as you peered closer.

Smoke again was smooth with a relatively clean burn and flavors mimicking the flavors well but not as prominently. Found this one to be strong; leading with a spacey head high; hitting me between the eyes and above the shoulders quickly.  This later mellowed out with some more relaxing vibes spreading to my limbs; which had me sitting with a grin with an overly happy and chill buzz. Anytime of the day smoke; but you’ll likely be napping after a few too many dabs.