The nugs on this strain were long, thin and pointed with dense short trichomes all over. Light and dark green backgrounds, pale yellow trichomes and small areas of dusky purple leaves made the bud even more appealing.

The smell on this bud was crazy strong and delivered as promised. Immediately blowing me away with extremely sour and pungent scents, which were only made more mouth-watering by the fruity undertones. The flavor on this strain followed the scent closely with satisfying dominant sour, citrus and watermelon notes.

Burn was exceptionally smooth in a bong which made this a particularly enjoyable smoke. After smoking a joint I can say this burned very consistently throughout with a fluffy salt and pepper ash to finish. This was another great Indica strain that produced relaxing and euphoric episodes which created a need to lay down and chill in record time.  If you’re after a smoke that promises a knockout high and a unique/potent terpine profile; look no further.