Walter White rated as Sativa
The White x Unspecified Sativa Pheno

Shiny stacks of heads all over some dense and medium size nuggets. Olive green with long curly orange pistils. Lots of milky heads on the inside. A bit on the dryer side nothing too bad not dusty.

This one was mostly earthy but faint at first and a bit of a creeper on the nose. Got more gassy diesel notes once grinded with a piney side too. It was a bit on the dry side and the taste suffered a bit from it. Earthy a dry strong spicy smoke. Burned a bit fast but left a gray ash all over on each bowls.

The effects are perfect for any task fast headrush that gives a good pressure arround the eyes. It was slightly unwinding but I mostly felt a clear headed focus. It was easy to concentrate on different task and keep the focus on the main quest ahah. Didnt felt any sedation from this one