I present to you the precious Walter White HTFSE ceramic cartridge. This cart is right up there with my most favorite of all time.

Let’s start with the taste, a very hard to find pure sweet pine, except you will want this Christmas Tree around all year long as it is PACKED with terps. It’s also incredibly smooth and never makes me cough. Walter White also provides a well-received Sativa-dominant head punch that delivers waves of euphoria throughout the body.

The oil is a nice golden color with zero crystals. There are no clogging issues with this cart as I finished multiple down to the last drop. I vape this cart on 2.4v on my Uni Pro battery. The only problem I see with this cart is I obsess over it and finish it in a few days because it is just so damn tasty! I will always stock up on multiples of this cart whenever I happen to catch it. 100% a winner in my books!