I have recently been trying to start medicating through the edible avenue and these were a perfect option for me at the moment. The bars are advertised as 75 mg THC dosages which for me are great for getting great euphoric sensations and relaxing body high, without being confined to the couch.  The bar itself didn’t impart any unnatural or strong medicinal tastes for me and would be something I would be hard pressed to differentiate between a normal chocolate bar if given a blind taste-test. I really enjoyed the flavor of the Wally bar (crunchy caramel) but I know I am biased as I typically would stay far away from any mint in my chocolate. However, some may love that after-eight type taste.

The quality of the chocolate itself was good in my opinion as it didn’t appear aged (white/dusty appearance).  For people with a lower tolerance these would be great as they come in equally divided portions to start figuring out your own tolerance. Bars had a moderate dosage which helped me enjoy the entire bar in one go.