Soft yellow sauce containing small uniform clear diamonds intermingled together to form an applesauce type appearance.  The smell explodes out of the jar upon opening with vibrant fruity, sweet and gassy fumes that were sharp on the nose. Fantastically strong and complex terpene profile. The product itself was very easy to work with; making collecting a hefty hit simple. Dabbing resulted in a clean melt with a notable tasty and smooth fruity flavor on exhale.

Immediately upon exhaling you’re hit with substantial euphoria and a high that made concentrating difficult for the first 20 minutes. An overly Indica buzz took over with a heavy body load that made any ambition of accomplishing tasks quickly leave my body; replaced with relaxing vibes and an ambition to do nothing. There were a lot of sedative effects an hour after smoking; making this an obvious choice as an evening strain or a rest and relax option any other time.