My quarter of this came as mostly 1 giant nug. Deep green buds with pale green hues and thick, girthy orange pistils. Perfect cure, great trim and a high count of full-headed trichomes.

Really unique & pungent aromas. Bright, sweet and fruity floral notes with some rich, earthy and herbal notes. Tropical fruit punch top notes with some cheesy/butter base notes. Very complex & enticing profile.

Burns really smoothly to pure white ash. Sweet berry/grape taste on inhale with bitter, herbal, gas terps on the exhale. Really tasty and was quite surprised that there was no cheesy/butter taste. Turned in to a creamy/berry/gas profile instead.

Really clear-headed cerebral buzz with a light body stone. Decently potent and quite uplifting.

Great smoke, very tasty & unique. Doesn’t disappoint in any aspects IMO, solid all around.