Buds arrived with yet another perfect cure. The dark forest green backgrounds were speckled with miniature yet numerous deep purple spots on the tips of the calyx and sugar leaves. The exterior of the bud was encrusted with short thin trichomes with clear and milky heads. This made the bud feel hard yet  not brittle on the outside; and incredibly sticky on the inside. This stickiness made rolling a joint a breeze; as every busted crumb instantly collected back together. The smell was obvious and pungent gas with some sour fumes following soon after.

The smoke was impressive with uber smooth but incredibly dense smoke that filled the entirety of the lungs; creating a sensation like your lungs were getting pulled out on exhale. Burned slowly with a pure white ash forming a thick ring of resin after the first few tokes.  The buzz itself initially crept up on me as it started with as mild pressure behind the eyes. After 15 minutes this transitioned into an overwhelming body high as well as an inability to keep my eyes open. Not that my eyelids were heavy but its as if I needed to squint to continue to function. Incredibly satisfying and potent smoke that later had me passed out 2 hours later. Such a heavy hitter can be used as the perfect tool to shut down your brain and body at the end of the day for a restful evening.