Strain – Unicorn Horn (The White x Dairy Queen)

Smell – seeing lots of Unicorn strains emerging on the scene lately, this is my first chance to get my hands on one. This mythical stuff is a unique strain but the nose is more of a familiar scent, with a sweet citrusy and pine blend

Smoke – the transition from smell to smoke is completely on point with each inhale giving the pine taste with a sweet citrus mixed in and the exhale almost being the same with more of a cedar flavoring predominantly coming through. Ash coming out salt and peppered coloring, and a snail trail of resin just behind the cherry

High – the Unicorn Horn is a hybrid with higher indica genetics (70/30). Leaving you with a clouded head, putting your mind at ease, and eliminating any worries that exist. It will give you a sense of relaxation through your body, and it will have your levels of euphoria lifted up. Night time is probably the best time for blazing this strain but if your day isn’t overly busy, I wouldn’t hesitate twisting up

Quality: a big girthy nugget that weighed in at just shy of four g’s and was of spade or “horn” shaped. Thick and tightly wound with a crispy shelled exterior, and a more fresh inside once cracked open. The bud itself is majority shaded a light neon green, with a tiny amount of forest green leaves majority trimmed off. There’s a generous amount of thinner light orange pistils weaving through the structure, and wrapped in a sheet of milky trichomes