Unicorn Food from Order Weed Online

Visual: There were some nice visuals on this Unicorn Food. It had tons of fat sparkly crystal all over it. They were quite dark, almost a deep dark blue and splotches of green and little patches of brown hairs. They were very dense.

Nose: The nose was gassy and piney with a bit of a savory funkiness. It was more pungent when I opened it up.

Cut/Roll/Grind: It held back in the grinder a bit because it was sticky but it still fluffed up a bit. It had a great moisture level as well.

Taste: It had great flavour! I got lots of gas and some pine and lots of that savory flavour which wasn’t as funky as the nose was. I was very appealing to me.

Burn: The burn was great. It burnt slow and steady and gave lots of smoke.

Potency/Effects: I got a good punch in my nose and it built up well. It gave me an overall buzz with some cerebral effects at first and a weighed down body. The buzz kept getting heavier as I smoked it and it had good all-around effects. It was very enjoyable and can be used for evening or nighttime.

Overall score – 9.6/10